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   Chapter 290 Always a Member of This Family

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7110

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"Mary, are you all right?" Yakira rushed over to support her falling daughter. She was so angry that the silver teeth in her mouth were almost crushed by herself. 'Edward, don't be so arrogant! Although your family is running the most powerful enterprise in the city, the Ouyang Group isn't small either. How dare you treat us like this?' she thought resentfully.

"I ... I ..." Mary looked at Edward, with fear. Her lips were trembling. Perhaps she wasn't stunning, but she was pretty. How could Edward rough her up like this? She thought, 'Edward, the more you neglect me, the more I want you. You will love me the way you love the bitch Daisy. I won't lose you to Daisy, the worthless nobody.'

"I don't care what you think. Daisy will always be a member of this family. I won't let any of you harm her. Play your dirty tricks on me! Don't you dare conspire against Daisy! Otherwise, I'll make your life a living hell! Don't believe me? I dare you to try!"

Edward twitched his lips, glancing at Yakira and Mary. The cold look in his eyes was like a sharp knife. He knew that meanies like Yakira and Mary would take out their anger on Daisy later, so he gave them a warning beforehand.

"Mr. Ouyang, you'd better leave with your family. I hope to never see you again. Since my daughter-in-law was thrown out of your house a long time ago, she has nothing to do with the Ouyang Family anymore. Please stay away from her and don't disturb her life. OK?" Jonathan said sternly, casually tapping the cup in his hand. The cold look on his face could have taken anyone's breath away.

"Mr. Mu, where is this coming from? When did we throw her out of the house? She hasn't contacted us since she got married. We thought she has forgotten her own parents." Humans were sensitive about their reputation. In front of an extraordinary man like Jonathan, Leo wouldn't let himself be humiliated.

"Yes, that girl is heartless. She forgets her parents as soon as she got married into a wealthy family." Even in such a precarious situation, Yakira still couldn't shut her mouth. It was a mystery how such a stupid woman had managed t

nd a father who barely cared about her, in that loveless family, she wouldn't experience the luxury of being spoiled at all. Nevertheless, that was OK, because now she had him and his Dad. They would give her the warmth and love she hadn't felt before. Justin resolved to make her the happiest woman in the world.

Edward's heart was aching. Although he wasn't close to his parents, they cared about him at least. He thought, 'Leo, you really think Daisy isn't your daughter? Are you so ashamed of her? Fine, if I can prove that she is your biological daughter, you'd better not regret what you did, because by then, I won't let her go back to that filthy family again and accept you as her father. You abandoned her. Remember that. So now, just get out of her life!'

They were all not in the mood to have a nice meal. Everyone was quiet and thinking about something. It felt dull and depressing. Even Rain who was usually funny didn't know what to say. He didn't know much about Daisy's past, so he decided to remain silent and listen.

The sultry weather and the blazing sun in early fall were insufferable for Edward. Stepping out of the restaurant, he frowned and escaped from the heat into his car as soon as he could. Justin was with his grandparents in the restaurant. Edward needn't worry about him. Rain laughed at Edward behind him while shaking his head, and then he got in the car and left with him.

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