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   Chapter 289 You're Nothing More Than A Foxtrel

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"What a small world, Mr. Mu. Nice to meet you. You haven't changed much, still young and handsome, " complimented Leo Ouyang. Although he was Edward's father-in-law, he had never socialized with the Mus. Therefore, he felt self-conscious in front of them.

"Thanks, Mr. Ouyang. And you too!" replied Jonathan coldly. He hated being interrupted at dinner. Besides, he had no respect for people like Leo. If Leo wasn't Daisy's father, Jonathan would definitely give a cold shoulder to him.

"Thank you! Mr. Mu. I'm flattered, " replied Leo. Feeling nervous, Leo unobtrusively wiped away the sweat on his face. He hadn't seen Jonathan for years and he still felt tremendous pressure because of Jonathan's overwhelming and indifferent personality, as well as his handsome looks.

"Edward, can we join you for dinner?" asked Mary. Fortunately, she saw Edward at dinnertime. Feeling excited, Mary made up her mind to go after him.

"Excuse me, but it's a full table. There is no room for you, " replied Justin. Since he knew that Mary was his mom's step-sister, he despised her even more.

"Look! An ill-mannered child with poor family education. Who are your parents? Haven't they taught you not to interrupt adults when they are talking? Where are your manners?" Yakira taunted. She didn't know everyone on the table. But she knew all about the little bastard. Therefore, she viciously insulted him.

"Family education? You are the last person to talk about family education, " said Cynthia. She twirled her curly hair, then gave Yakira a sideways glance and thought, 'If your sins come out, you won't be able to gloat like this. You'll be imprisoned permanently.'

"What do you mean by that? My family education is none of your business. Look at you, you're nothing more than a foxtrel. Humph!" said Yakira to Cynthia. Yakira was jealous of Cynthia's well-shaped body. She was being mean to her for no good reason. She hadn't expected that Cynthia would turn out to be Edward's mother.

"Don't you dare say that again. I swear I'll cut you into pieces and feed them to dogs, " said Jonathan severely. He stared fiercely at Yakira. If she wasn't standing on the other side of the table, he would have kicked her out.

"Mr. Mu. I'm terribly sorry for her poor manners. Please excuse her for offending Mrs. Mu, " apologized Leo. His face grew pale. He felt regretful, 'I shouldn't have agreed to Mary's idea of coming here to greet the Mus. Yakira, you stupid woman, look what you've done! How could you make such impertinent remarks in Jonathan's presence? You're signing your own death warrant.'

With a smile on his face, Edward sat comfortably and observed what was happening silently. He knew, when it came to his mother, his father would be the first one to defend her. The only thing he could do now was to sit back and watch.

"Mr. Ouyang, you'd better give her some pills and never leave her off the leash outdoors. If she bites someone, she is likely to be shot to death, '' said Jonathan ironically and threateningly. The only person he cared for was

ded not to tease Justin anymore. Both Leena and Justin were not to be trifled with.

"Well done, Justin, I'll give you a kiss as a reward." said Cynthia. Cynthia had always been in contempt of regulations. She liked what Justin said. Therefore, she kissed his face gleefully. And even this slight kiss made Jonathan jealous. On a second thought, he smiled and thought, 'She can do whatever she likes as long as she is happy! Justin is just a child.'

Leo, however, was embarrassed now. He had no idea whether to leave or to stay. Neither smile nor frown was entirely appropriate here. In a word, he felt ashamed and embarrassed.

"Hey kid, watch your language. Don't be so arrogant. We didn't bully your bitchy mother. She is just a Cinderella pretending to be an aloof and innocent princess. Ah..."Before she could finish her sentence, Mary's throat was grabbed by Edward. Stunned, her face immediately turned pale.

"Mary, you're enjoying abusing Daisy, aren't you? Now, let me tell you, you can swear at anyone, but my wife. You'd better leave her alone. If you offend her again, I'll make you pay.'' threatened Edward.

He fixed his gaze on Mary and then gave a wicked smile. Mary was frozen by the expression on his face.

"Edward, are you insane? Let go of my daughter. Or I'll kill you." shouted Yakira. Seeing that, she suddenly went pale and the makeup on her face was messed up.

"Edward, I'm terribly sorry. Mary didn't mean to say that. It was only a slip of the tongue. Please excuse her. I'll take her home immediately, " apologized Leo. Though reluctant, he had to apologize humbly. He clearly knew what kind of person Edward was. Under Edward's gentle and elegant demeanor, there was a cruel and indifferent heart, just like his father's. That's why Leo was always cautious in Edward's presence.

"For the sake of your father, I am sparing you. But if you insult her again, you won't be forgiven." said Edward. He let go of Mary rudely and then wiped his hand with a napkin as if it had been tainted by touching her.

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