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   Chapter 288 Why The Hurry

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"That's enough. Didn't you say you are hungry? Let's go." Edward rolled his eyes. As much as he wanted to give his father a hard time, he couldn't let his son get starved. Therefore he had to compromise.

"Yeah! Let's go! Eddie...hahaha!" Justin laughed out loud and dashed out of his father's office before Edward realized how he had addressed him. He knew Edward would be furious, so he practically ran for his life. Justin wasn't foolish.

"Justin Mu! Do you want to get punished?" As expected, Justin heard Edward's furious growl as he ran out of his office. Shuddering in terror, Justin ran forward without seeing where he was going. He accidentally bumped into Rain who was on his way towards Edward's office.

"Hey, little boy. Why the hurry? Watch your step!" Rain caught the little boy who staggered behind a few steps after running into him. He shook his head and sighed. The entire 88th floor could hear Edward's growl. He wondered what Justin had done this time to piss his father off.

"Uncle Rain, why did you come in my way? Ouch, it hurts!" Justin brushed the tip of his nose with his finger and grumbled with a pout. He looked adorable.

"Hey! Are you serious? You came out of nowhere and bumped into me! How could I possibly know it in advance and avoid the crash? And by the way, what have you done this time to upset your daddy?" Rain had always been a carefree optimist. It delighted him to see that someone was pestering Edward, since he couldn't do it himself.

"Uncle Rain, it's impolite to pry. Don't you know that?' Justin knew Edward would spank him if he gave away his 'nickname', so Justin decided to keep his mouth shut.

"Oh, come on! You are one to talk about 'impoliteness' with me. You are as insensitive as your father! What have I done wrong? I don't understand why you both team up to pick on me. I feel hopeless." Rain accused Justin and Edward with an exaggerated look on his face. He felt he was being attacked by everyone he met that day.

"Hey! Is that you, Rainy Honey? You've grown lovelier since the last time I saw you! Why do you feel hopeless? Life is full of hopes." Cynthia gazed at Rain with a hint of sly glowing in her eyes; she appeared younger than her age.

"Hahaha!" Rainy Honey! Seriously? Justin burst into laughter once again. He had underestimated his grandmother! Rain was a handsome guy; but the nickname 'Rainy Honey', made him sound girlish. It was hilarious! However, Justin thought the name perfectly suited Uncle Rain, since he often looked more beautiful than women.

"Auntie Cynthia, you're getting more gorgeous over the years. I bet uncle Jonathan keeps busy driving away all the flies around you." Rain didn't expect to see Cynthia, so he was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that Cynthia

trying to piece up my broken heart here." Rain felt like he was the most pathetic person among them. He should have seen it coming when Edward shoved him out of his office in the morning.

"Aren't you coming? And stop playing cute. It doesn't suit you." Edward knew what kind of person Rain was. He was pissed off not only because Rain was annoying, but also because he could get along well with Jonathan and Cynthia. Jonathan seemed much nicer to Rain as compared to Edward.

Justin made a face at Rain and joyfully ran towards Edward's car. He loved his grandparents, but he loved his father even more. He had gone through a lot to earn his father's love; he seized every opportunity to stay by Edward's side.

When it came to dining habits, Jonathan was quite different from Edward. Jonathan didn't like to dine in a private room. Edward knew this about his father so he chose a quiet restaurant, for the fear of too much crowd. No sane person would enjoy being watched like a monkey in the zoo, let alone someone as sullen as Jonathan.

Edward was used to being the center of attention wherever he went. Now that he was with his father, it was a hard-to-ignore combination.

"Okay, let's sit here!" Cynthia knew Jonathan's preference, so she chose a quiet table by the window to avoid much attention from other clients in the restaurant. She also did it because she didn't like it when other women stared at Jonathan with love and lust in their eyes. Jonathan belonged to her and no one was allowed to gaze at him.

Life is not that simple. Sometimes when you try so hard to avoid someone, they turn up unexpectedly and catch you off-guard. There is nothing you could do about it except feeling distressed and annoyed. As they were about to start their lunch, that's exactly how they felt when they saw the people in front of their table.

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