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   Chapter 287 Justin What Do You Think (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5840

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"Mr. Edward, don't blame grandma. This is clearly your fault. She did nothing wrong by criticizing you. I'll call mom and tell her that you're having an affair with another woman!" Justin shouted angrily, panting with rage and glaring at Edward like he had committed a heinous crime. He would not let Edward go this time.

Coco gazed at Cynthia in wonder. She was surprised at her youth and beauty. When she heard Edward call her "mom, " she thought she had misheard. But when the aggressive little boy called the woman "grandma, " she was startled. Who would think that such a charming and enchanting noblewoman was old enough to be a grandmother?

"You brat, what did I do? Am I naked right now? I didn't do anything. Unless you think that the woman in front of you is more attractive than your mother." Edward was eager to defend himself. He was careless to say such improper things to a child.

"It seems you're right. But why does this aunt wear so little clothes and look so sloppy? Does she think that her clothes are too tight and burdensome, that she feels the need to take some off?" In Justin's eyes, every woman who tried to seduce Edward was an old and ugly aunt. Although the woman in front of him looked a little pretty, she wasn't as beautiful as his mother.

Coco felt embarrassed at Justin and Cynthia's intrusion. Though she quickly pulled up her clothes, they still mocked her to her face. How could she bear the humiliation? Her face paled in an instant and her body trembled with fury.

"Oh! I don't think it's because her clothes are too tight. Maybe she has a tendency of exhibitionism." Cynthia sided with her family. Although she was a little surprised to hear Justin's vulgar words that weren't appropriate for his

w what was going on between Edward and Jonathan. They were both being stubborn and arrogant. They were father and son, but why did they act like enemies? Jonathan was reluctant to come up, and Edward was reluctant to go down. She felt caught in the middle, and she looked disagreeable if she didn't take sides.

"Haha!" Justin laughed gleefully when his grandmother called Edward "Eddie." "Eddie" sounded very amusing. And it perfectly matched Edward's childish behavior.

"Mom, don't call me by that disgusting name." Edward hated it when Cynthia called him that. He was an adult now. Didn't she find it inappropriate to use such a nickname for him?

"Disgusting? I don't think so! Justin, what do you think?" Okay, she was definitely doing it on purpose. How could he not take his father seriously? Although he was her son, she felt it necessary to punish him, or he would get too cocky and forget who he was.

"It's not disgusting. I think it's a good name for dad." Justin held back his laughter. He didn't expect his young and beautiful grandmother to be so funny. Since he liked her a lot, he decided to echo his grandma and ignore Edward completely.

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