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   Chapter 286 Justin What Do You Think (Part One)

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Coco laughed incredulously. "Edward, you hypocrite. Do you really think I'll believe you? Every man in S City dreams of having sex with me. And you're a dashing, amorous, and flirtatious playboy. How am I supposed to believe that you don't feel anything for me?" Coco had always been confident about herself. Her stunning looks and sexy figure had always made her every man's dream girl. She couldn't believe that Edward didn't like her. All men were arrogant. This was especially true for a handsome and dignified man like Edward. He must feel reluctant to admit it that he liked her to her face.

"Being confident is good, but it's dangerous if you feel too good about yourself. Even if all the men in the world fall for you, that does not include me. I admit that I'm an amorous man, but except for my wife, every other woman is simply a tool to satisfy my sexual desire. Do you think you're any different?"

Edward released her neck, his eyes narrowing with a trace of disgust. Although Coco had an attractive body, it wasn't what he wanted. No matter how captivating she looked, she was nothing but flesh in his eyes. She failed to arouse any sexual desire from him.

"But what about my cousin? What is Jessica to you? A tool to satisfy your sexual needs? Do the feelings she has invested in you for so many years really mean nothing to you?" Coco's jaw was sore from Edward's grip. She raised her eyebrows and glared at him. No matter what, she wasn't going to lose the last glimmer of her self-esteem. At first, she thought that Edward was only teasing when he said that he didn't like her. But hearing his degrading words made her pride shatter into pieces and her sense of superiority disappear.

"Was Jessica the one who told you to come here and argue with me? What if I say that it was only a game between me and Jessica? Do you really think I loved her? Don't be silly. If she hadn't pretended to be a considerate and kind woman, I wouldn't have stayed with her for so lo

u doing with this woman? Don't tell me that she comes to the wrong place." Justin glared at his father with fury. He didn't address him as "dad". He went back to call him "Mr. Edward, " which he used back when they weren't familiar with each other months ago. Whenever he addressed Edward this way, it meant that he was very angry. And an angry Justin was very dangerous.

"Ah! Edward, you bastard! How dare you have an affair with another woman in your office? Did you even think about your wife?" Cynthia exclaimed. She was the wife of the head of the Mayfly. It was easy to guess what happened from the scene. The woman obviously started this, and she tried to seduce her son. Edward was obviously innocent, sitting fully-clothed in his chair. But she didn't plan to defend him. Since Edward always ignored her, she let Justin torture him a little bit.

"Mom, are you deliberately saying this to stir up trouble for me? You know it's definitely not what it looks like." Edward stared at her helplessly. Although he hadn't spent much time with his mother, he knew his mother's personality. She must still hold a grudge against him for scolding her and dad too harshly yesterday. This was her revenge. It was all Jonathan's fault. His domineering and indifferent father indulged her propensity for stirring up troubles.

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