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   Chapter 285 Simply A Slut

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"Colonel, I heard that your performance during the war games was very ingenious. Have you been thinking of getting promoted after it? It seems your lucky streak is still strong, to get an opportunity like that." Hank blocked Daisy's path as soon as she walked out of the conference room. He had a displeased look on his face.

"Hank, excuse my incompetence. I am embarrassed to show off in the presence of an expert like you. How could I expect to get promoted?" Daisy hated the irony in his tone. She never attributed her achievements to luck.

Hank chuckled darkly. "Who knows? Don't you always get promoted that way? This time might not be an exception." The contempt was evident in Hank's tone. He never believed that Daisy got promoted because of honest work. She must've gotten promoted because the Commander favored her. On capacity alone, he should've been promoted to a higher position than her a long time ago.

"Hank, have you always thought of the Colonel this way? Haven't you seen how capable she is? If she got promoted because of good luck, how come you lost every time you're up against her? Bad luck?" The fierce look Kevin cast Hank was as sharp as a knife. At that moment, his gentleness shifted to hostility.

Daisy raised her eyes to Kevin without a hint of joy. Her brows knitted in displeasure. 'Hank gossips like a woman. If Kevin helps me and humiliates him in public, troublesome rumors would spread, ' she thought.

Hank laughed nervously. "Oh no, that was just an innocent joke between me and the Colonel. No need to worry, Major General." Hank restrained himself in front of Kevin. Besides Kevin's much higher rank and position, his strong background alone was enough for him to back down.

"Really? Hank, please watch your wording. What you said didn't sound like a joke. There are boundaries for everything." Kevin always loathed Hank's narrow-mindedness. He usually ignored him because he didn't bother him. But seeing his rude attitude towards Daisy, Kevin couldn't ignore him anymore. He knew that Daisy was tough. But he couldn't help fighting for her when he saw it happening in front of him.

"Yes, yes... I'll work on it." Hank toadied to Kevin, but his hatred for Daisy grew. He had thought that Daisy was pure and lofty. But recently, she had been coming to work in different luxury cars. It seemed that she had a rotten private life. No wonder nobody had seen her husband these years, it turned out that she had been s

she had stripped herself in front of him. How shameless!

"Edward, don't pretend you feel nothing. You have pushed me so far just to get me, haven't you? Go ahead! You can take me right now." Coco assumed that Edward was ruthless to her because she wasn't like the other women who were eager to climb into his bed. He was willing to pay a huge amount of money for breaching their contract, just to make her cave in.

"Miss Coco, are you out of your mind? Or do you just think the world of yourself?" Edward sneered, but didn't avert his eyes from her naked body. Since Coco wasn't embarrassed by herself, why should he feel awkward about looking?

"You... Isn't this what you want? I know you've always liked me. But I've never taken you seriously. Now, I put my pride aside to satisfy you. You should be thrilled." Coco always thought that Edward coveted her and had been trying to get her into bed for the past several years. But she never gave him a chance.

Edward let out an incredulous laugh. "Where did you get the confidence to say I'm into you? Let me tell you something, I would rather sleep with a young model than with a pretentious hypocrite like you. You're not good enough to attract me, so stop pretending to be pure and innocent. I know everything about you. You're simply a slut." Edward reached out and gripped her neck furiously. He had never met such a self-important woman.

"What..." Coco looked at Edward in horror. This wasn't at all what she had expected. He was supposed to be turned on at the sight of her naked figure. Why was he so cruel? Was she suddenly unworthy because she wasn't a superstar anymore?

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