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   Chapter 284 She Was Willing To Give It To Me

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"Yes, I think so, too. But her phone is off all this time. That is strange." Kevin had been calling Leena, but she never answered. Though he knew Leena was probably okay, he couldn't stop himself from having some really horrible thoughts every now and then.

"That's not like her. Did she leave you any messages?" asked Daisy with a frown. She knew Leena was a considerate girl; she would never suddenly disappear without saying anything and make her friends worry. Besides, like any young girl, she lived on her devices.

"I'm...not sure." Kevin closed his eyes and hit his head with his palm. Why did he miss that? But such notes were usually left near the phone or on the door of the fridge. He couldn't recall seeing notes in any of those places.

"I'll check tonight when I get home." Daisy smiled and went towards the office building. It seemed that Leena was the most difficult task that Kevin had ever encountered.

Kevin smiled awkwardly and followed Daisy into the building. Mark was left alone with the Humvee, having no idea what he should do next.

It was in the wee hours in Paris when Leena finally got back to her hotel room. As soon as she walked in, she threw herself onto the bed with a satisfied sigh. She went to attend a party hosted by the sponsors of the competition. The competition would be finished in two more days, and Leena could head back home by then. She wondered whether Kevin had done with the military exercises or not. She was careless and forgot to bring her phone, and she didn't bother to remember anyone's number. She couldn't even call Kevin even though she really wanted to.

To be honest, most of the time, she didn't think about being a married woman. But when she was alone, Kevin's face kept flashing through her mind. Leena forced a weak smile. It seemed more like a alliance than a marriage, since they both got what they needed from this relationship. She didn't believe that Kevin married her simply because of being responsible. Her instinct told her that he was avoiding something, or someone; that was why he married her. However, Leena didn't care, because she didn't love Kevin, not yet.

But they would be living together for the rest of their lives, and Leena wasn't sure whether she would fall in love with Kevin someday. She had decided if Kevin was honest with her, then she would treat him with all her sincerity. Although Leena seemed a carefree person, she could be quite sentimental on certain occasions. She sighed deeply and thought of Kevin again. 'Do I really have no feelings for him? Why do I keep thinking about him?' Leena was confused.

Rain was also confused about Annie's sudden disappearance. He co

shrugged. That was something he wouldn't tell Rain about. Daisy had always known that he had been a womanizer and dated a lot of women; she didn't say anything about that, but it didn't mean that she wouldn't get hurt. Edward didn't want to see Daisy get hurt. It would tear his heart apart.

But someone else didn't care. Jessica had been plotting to get back at Daisy ever since she found out who Daisy really was. She still didn't believe that Edward was married, and she was also surprised that Daisy was a military officer. Maybe that was for the best. She had already come up with a plan. And Daisy personally inspired her with her identity of being a military officer. She wondered what Daisy's supervisors would do once they found out that she gave birth to a bastard before marrying a man. She might get kicked out of the army! The thought made Jessica tremble all over with excitement. She was thrilled by the idea.

Jessica soon wrote an anonymous letter. But she didn't know which branch of the military that Daisy served in. So she had someone investigate the matter before she mailed the letter.

'Daisy Ouyang! Don't blame me for ruining your career; blame yourself for getting involved with the wrong man. He's mine! And I won't give up so easily!' Jessica thought to herself with a sneer. No matter how many times Edward told her that her baby had nothing to do with him, Jessica didn't care at all. To Jessica, Edward was the only man she wanted. He was the love of her life and the father of her child.

Meanwhile, Daisy, sitting in the conference room, suddenly felt a chill creeping over her. She couldn't help shuddering. She looked up doubtfully at the AC, 'Is the temperature too low?' But she didn't know that someone was secretly plotting to take her down.

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