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   Chapter 283 Are You Daisy (Part Two)

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"Copy that." Mark opened the door and got out. He wondered who was driving so fast and didn't have time to brake.

Brian Ouyang shook his head as dizziness overcame him, blurring his vision. He sighed after seeing what car he just hit. 'I am in big trouble. I hit a car for military officers.' Brian thought to himself. Brian Ouyang had been living abroad for such a long time and just came back home lately. So he wasn't familiar with roads in the city. He looked around and didn't notice the traffic light ahead of him. When he saw it and braked suddenly, it was too late. So he inevitably hit the car in front of him. Luckily his car was equipped with airbags, so that he wasn't hurt and just felt dizzy. It's a good thing that what he hit was a Humvee, well-known for its excellent anti-collision properties. So the officers inside weren't hurt.

Mark checked out the car that hit them. Sleek, white with blue accents. A Pagani Zonda Riviera. 'It must be a silver-spoon kid, driving such a posh car. Probably doesn't even feel sorry for hitting us.' Mark thought to himself with a frown. That's typical of kids of the ultra-wealthy. They had too much money to burn.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you. It is totally my fault. Are you okay?" Brian apologized as Mark walked towards him. He was to blame for the accident, so it was expected of him to say he was sorry. Besides, he could tell there must be an officer in the car.

"We are okay. But the rear end of our car is smashed. How are we going to handle that?" As he looked at Brian, Mark cursed to himself, 'He has so much money already. Why did God has to give him such a beautiful face? Life is so unfair.' Mark met many attractive men lately as Edward surrounded himself with a group of good-looking guys. But the man in front of him now was different. He was vigorous, handsome and young, such eye candy.

"It is totally my fault. I'll pay for any repairs." Brian said with a dazzling smile. You co

er briefcase and gave it to Mark. He had her full trust, so she could give him the password.

"Okay, copy that." Mark had been used to the cold way she treated him. It touched him that Daisy offered him her full trust.

Another Humvee arrived as Daisy began to walk away. Kevin got out.

"Good morning. Daisy, did you just get here? Wait, what happened to your car?" Kevin looked at it with amusement. 'What kind of car could smash up a military Humvee? It must be a very expensive car.' Kevin thought to himself.

"It's okay. Just a little accident. What about Leena? Have you found her?" Daisy didn't want to talk about what happened just now, so she mentioned Leena to distract Kevin.

"No, I know nothing about her friends and classmates. So it's difficult for me to find where she is now. But she is probably okay since Duke wasn't worried at all. Speaking of Duke, he remembered Duke and his attitude. How could he make Duke accept Kevin as his brother-in-law?

"In that case, there's nothing to worry about. Maybe she's having a good time with friends and forgot to call." Daisy knew what Leena was like: she poured her time and energy into something she was interested in and never gave up until she got what she wanted. Her stubbornness was a merit, but sometimes could cause no end of trouble.

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