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   Chapter 282 Are You Daisy (Part One)

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As the first signs of the dawn appeared on the horizon, Daisy rolled over slowly on the bed and woke up. Having been in the Army for so long, she had developed an internal alarm clock. So she could wake up early no matter how tired she was. Daisy opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Edward's beautiful face.

It was always nice to see the man you loved sleeping next to you when you awoke. Edward looked so cute while he was asleep. His eyes were closed, she could see his long and curly lashes and his skin was so fair and smooth. Every woman would be jealous of his dazzling face. Daisy couldn't help smiling, staring at him. 'He sleeps like a peaceful baby.' Daisy thought to herself. Even though normally you wouldn't link Edward, such a evildoer, to the word "baby", he looked pretty cute while he was sleeping.

Daisy raised her hand to touch his straight nose and felt his chiseled features like a happy little girl stroking her cat. Even though Edward had once hurt her so much, Daisy felt thankful that he could fall in love with her. She was happy to see he didn't refuse her. Daisy had been aloof and remote, but she could become a sweet little girl when she was with Edward.

"Knock it off, I want to sleep, " Edward murmured as he gripped the soft hand caressing his face and hugged her closer. Last night was the first night he could sleep so soundly during these days. Edward felt there was something missing when Daisy was out of town for military exercise and he couldn't lay next to her, couldn't hold her. He never had that feeling before, because he was used to having Daisy around.

"I'm headed to the base. You can sleep in." Even though Daisy enjoyed his warm hug so much, she had to get up. Because she knew there was so much work waiting for her. She was a colonel and had to shoulder her responsibility.

"Fine. Do you have to go today? I thought you could take a day off." He woke up quickly after hearing what Daisy said. Edward thought she could take a few days off after workin

ooked other women in the eyes except his wife. So she wouldn't have expected even a hello from him.

"Right, have breakfast. I'm going out, " Jonathan said as he began to run out. It was so unlike him to talk this much. He never bothered to talk to other women except his wife. But this morning he cared about whether his daughter-in-law had breakfast or not. Why did his attitude change? Did it mean he wanted to start getting along with his family? Or did it mean Daisy was special to him?

Daisy was at a loss for what to do next as she watched him leaving. Then she came to her senses quickly and asked Mrs. Wu to pack breakfast, so she could eat it on the way. She was really in a big hurry.

It was a usual busy morning in the city. There was heavy traffic on the streets. The Humvee stopped at an intersection, waiting for the green light. As she was getting a little bored, there was the sound of brakes squealing, then a loud crash. Daisy was thrown forward and her breakfast dropped from her hands.

"Colonel, are you okay?" The first thing Mark did was to see whether Daisy was hurt. Even though he was startled by the sudden crash too, he was supposed to make sure the colonel was safe. The safety of Daisy was his first concern.

"I'm okay. Find out who that idiot is." Daisy said with a frown. She hated car accidents a lot.

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