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   Chapter 281 Honey, I Love You Too

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Astounded, Jonathan twitched his mouth fiercely and wondered what he had done to deserve such treatment. He couldn't believe his son dared yell at him like that. For his daughter-in-law's sake, he decided to let it go. But next time he wouldn't be easy on him.

"Let's go. Don't take it seriously. He's furious because you really should have knocked first, or at least listened at the door." Jonathan comforted Cynthia. A rare smile crossed his face. This intoxicating charm had never been seen before -- except by Cynthia.

"I didn't know they are so horny. By the way, our son is enthusiastic and good at foreplay, " Cynthia said, thinking of the awkward moment. She was like a charmed teenage girl. Jonathan squinted at her and asked in a jealous tone, "Honey, do you mean I'm not good enough? Huh?" In contrast to Edward's pristine manners, Jonathan was as domineering and stern as an emperor whom others had to look up to.

"That's ridiculous! In my heart, you're the most romantic man in the world. Of course, Eddie can't compete with you." Cynthia had to say this to pacify the tyrant. When the man's pride was wounded, it was hard to anticipate the fallout she might have to deal with.

"If you two want to talk about love, please do it away from my bedroom door. And don't call me Eddie! It gives me goosebumps! I'm an adult, not the poor child thirsting for your love." Edward thrust open the door with repressed anger in his eyes. But he kept smiling. The old couple had not only ruined his beautiful moment but also kept creeping him out by their flirtatious talk. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Okay, son, we can take a hint. You go on with what you were doing, " Cynthia said and started pulling Jonathan away. He cast black looks at Edward. He wouldn't turn a blind eye to the way Edward talked to her. Cynthia had to separate them before the volcano erupted.

Back in the bedroom, Daisy heard Edward's words. She rolled her eye

d softly. In front of the woman he loved, Edward could be very tender.

Arms around his neck, standing on tiptoes, Daisy kissed the man she loved with all her heart. She had waited too long for this moment. It didn't matter whether Jessica was truthful or Edward lied, she just wanted to follow her heart. That was all she cared about at the moment.

"Honey, I love you, " Edward said to her. Thrilled at her response, he kissed her more enthusiastically. He didn't say 'I love you' very often, but sometimes he needed to say it. Especially at this moment, he thought this was the only sentence that could fully express his deep love for her.

"Honey, I love you too." This was the first time Daisy had spoken her heart to his face. Her eyes reddened. At this point, she wasn't the cool, stern colonel anymore. Nor was she the miserable maid thrown out of the Ouyangs' house. She was just a woman who had loved him for many years. For him, she could be both sweet and sexy.

The night was enchanting and marvelous. Tonight, even the moon seemed to be blushed and hided into the clouds; tonight, the most passionate love happened in the room, after which two hearts would be bound perpetually together and become inseparable; the night was long and warm, just the way a relationship should be.

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