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   Chapter 280 I'll Make You Beg For Mercy Tonight (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4511

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"Great, Daisy. You'd better pray I don't catch you; or it's going to be a very long night for you." Edward's smile grew bigger. He regarded her with great interest, eyes glowing dangerously. She wanted to knock him out? She was getting bolder now!

"Well... I didn't... I didn't mean that. I'm sorry, honey. You're not mad at me, are you? I know you can't be, because you're a generous man!" Daisy sputtered away hastily to excuse herself. She felt like she just shot herself in the foot.

"No, I'm not mad. I'm actually very happy. Why would you think I'm mad?" Edward was telling the truth. He had the whole night to play with Daisy; of course he was happy.

"Don't smirk like that, Edward! I'm scared." Daisy would rather see Edward's angry face than his smiling one. She suddenly had a hunch that tonight wouldn't be easy for her.

"You should be. Your fear is additional seasoning for our game." While Daisy was in a trance, Edward leapt forward and blocked her way. The game was about to officially begin...

"You... You... It's impossible!" Daisy looked up at his handsome face and stammered, her heart beating fast like a little drum. Wasn't he a few meters away from her just a few seconds ago? What happened?

"Nothing is impossible as long as I want it to be possible. Now, will you make the first move? Or should I? Take your pic


"Damn it, Jonathan! Keep your wife in your bedroom at night and stop interrupting us!" Edward was in a rage. The romantic ambience he had been trying so hard to build was ruined by his mother when she pushed open the door. He was literally furious!

"See? I told you they don't need drinks." Leaning idly against the staircase, Jonathan teased his wife with a tacit smile. He heard his son's growl, he just didn't care.

"No, honey. Didn't you hear him? Eddie was calling your name, not mine. Can't you hear how furious he is?" Cynthia would never admit that she was the one to blame. Besides, no matter what kind of trouble she got herself into, the man in front of her would always take care of it for her. She wasn't worried at all. Instead, she was in a good mood, and teased Jonathan. Only she could get away with teasing this powerful man, because he loved her more than life itself.

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