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   Chapter 279 I'll Make You Beg For Mercy Tonight (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5558

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Kevin suddenly thought of something and hurried to the study to open his laptop. He remembered that he sent a friend request to Leena's QQ the other day. If she wouldn't answer his calls, maybe she would see his QQ message! Luckily, he memorized her QQ account and opened a new account to add her as friend. He hoped that she had confirmed his friend request while turning on his laptop. He didn't have a QQ account before; the only reason he signed up for it was because of Leena.

Leena had confirmed his request, and she was the only friend on his list. But she was offline. Kevin froze as he saw the grey profile picture. He couldn't reach her through here either. Where on earth had she gone? Maybe she went shopping, but then why was she bringing her laptop with her? And she should have been back at this hour of the night.

Kevin was puzzled. He sighed deeply, and thought no matter where she was, she must be somewhere safe. If anything happened to Leena, Duke would have punched him in his face the moment he saw him. However, given Duke's simple sarcastic words, he must know where Leena was. Kevin felt at ease when he thought of that. There was nothing he could do, he might as well wait for Leena to come back home. He knew although Leena was young and innocent, she was an independent girl with her own mind.

Daisy took a long hot bath after dinner; she was aching all over. The days of intense training had taken their toll. Also, she wanted to ponder Edward's parents' attitude towards her; she had no idea whether they liked her or not. Edward was the picture of insolence at dinner, poking at his father at every turn. But Jonathan didn't se

' Edward thought to himself.

"No, don't! Edward, I was only joking!" As soon as Daisy saw the look on Edward's face, she knew exactly what he was up to. 'I forgot! When he is annoyed he's a devil!' Daisy cried out in her mind, 'I bet he is figuring out how to tear me apart!'

"What? Quitting your own game? Isn't it too late? You've got me so turned on, " Edward said, slowly cornering Daisy, with a devilish smile on his face. He was the tiger, cornering his prey.

"No, honey, please. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have kicked you." It worked every time to call Edward 'honey' when Daisy had done something wrong. However, it didn't seem to work this time.

"You mean you planned to do more than just kick me?" Edward stopped and watched her stagger backward. She had nowhere else to run.

"Yes! I should have just knocked you out. It would have been easier, " Daisy blurted out without thinking what kind of consequences her carelessness would bring. She enjoyed bickering with Edward. Although she was a powerful colonel in the army, she was only an innocent little woman in front of Edward.

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