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   Chapter 278 What's Wrong With Me Hugging Daisy

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When Daisy went back to the mansion, she couldn't believe what she saw in the house. She was stunned to see the couple who were having fun playing with Justin. They didn't look as old as they were. The man was young and handsome, while the woman was beautiful and cheerful like a young lady. Daisy winked and couldn't believe her eyes. She knew Cynthia and Jonathan. But they hadn't changed one bit since she met them at her wedding ceremony, and that was six years ago. She still remembered how surprised she was when she saw them that day. She had thought they were Edward's sister and brother. It was until she heard the emcee announce that the new couple would bow to the parents, that she realized they were Edward's parents. She was flustered at that time and imagined what age they were in when they had Edward. They looked too young to have such a big son as Edward. Daisy didn't expect them to look as young, lively and beautiful as they were six years ago. Daisy almost dropped her jaw when she saw them again.

"Are you Daisy?" Cynthia looked at Daisy who was flabbergasted and asked. She frowned with doubt. Because the bride she saw on the wedding ceremony six years ago wore bridal makeup. So she wasn't sure if the woman in front of her was Daisy, she wasn't wearing any makeup today. Cynthia assumed it must be Daisy. But she had heard that Daisy had been away for the military exercises. She was here now, had she finished the military exercises already? But why wasn't she wearing her uniform? Cynthia really wanted to see how she looked in her uniform.

"Mom? You are back. Are the military exercises over?" Before Daisy could reply, Justin ran into her arms and that cleared Cynthia's doubts.

"I'm Daisy. Mom. dad, I'm glad to see you here. " Daisy kissed Justin's face and smiled gently. She nodded politely to Cynthia while cursing Edward bitterly in her heart. 'Why didn't he tell me that they have been back. I am embarrassed to be dumbstruck upon seeing them here.'

"Yes, we are back. So nice! You are growing more and more beautiful. Come here, let me give you a hug." Cynthia's beautiful face became more radiant after she saw Daisy. Although they had been traveling around for years, they kept abreast of everything happening in S City. This also attributed to Jonathan's another identity. They knew that Edward had been leading a wild life and playing around with his life for the past few years. They were worried about his ways, so they forced him to get married. But they could only sigh with helplessness on his rebellion after the marriage. They felt sorry for Daisy who was chosen by them as their daughter-in-law.

Jonathan nodded at Daisy, looking cool and handsome. Except for Cynthia, he remained cold towards everyone. His gentleness was only reserved for his dear wife.

"Mom, you and dad are as young as ever. You are still very beautiful." A lump

aking her look more attractive. Thinking of what slipped from her mouth, she wished there had been a hole where she could bury herself.

"Haha! "Daisy, don't mind. I like your straightforward character. Don't be embarrassed, just say what you want to say. Take it easy." Cynthia was worried that Daisy would be very boring, she looked cold and stern. It surprised her that Daisy could be so amusing.

Jonathan had never looked at any other women in the eyes except for his wife. But after he heard Daisy's unwise words, he took a glance at Daisy. A feeling of admiration rose in him. 'She has the quality of a soldier, calm and magnanimous, ' Jonathan thought.

While the mansion was full of joy and laughter, at another place, Kevin's heart was filled with helplessness. He couldn't find Leena. But when he saw that Duke seemed calm when he asked him about Leena, he became less worried. He was certain that Duke knew where Leena was. As to the reason why Duke didn't tell him, he figured it out by himself. It was because he didn't ask for his permission before getting married to Leena. Based on the fact that Duke loved his sister immensely, it was easy for Kevin to know Duke's real intention. It was no more than revenge on him.

Kevin came back to his flat, distressed. He felt tired. He slipped on the side of the bed and looked around mechanically. It was so quiet in his flat. And he suddenly felt uneasy about this silence. Although when Leena was here, they were busy with there own stuff, he could still feel her existence by her smell in the air. But now she was nowhere to be seen.

Kevin narrowed his eyes slightly. He found himself become more emotional recently. He stood up slowly and looked at her accessories on the dresser, he then realized that he really knew little about her. He didn't know that she was like a little girl who liked to display many beautiful and interesting things on the dresser.

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