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   Chapter 277 Why Did You Do That

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"Okay! Good, now tell me about her unborn child," asked Daisy seriously. She was amused by the sad look on Edward's face. He looked charming when he lowered his head as if he was a student who had made a mistake.

"It has nothing to do with me. I had a contraceptive surgery soon after marriage. Therefore, I can't be the father," explained Edward. He raised his head and firmly assured Daisy. He didn't plan to tell Daisy about the contraceptive surgery. But Jessica told Daisy that she was pregnant. He had to share it to prove that he wasn't the father.

"Why? Why did you do that?" asked Daisy. She frowned and pondered, 'Why did he have a contraceptive surgery? To have sex with other women without worrying about getting them pregnant? Or did he have some other reason? His lewd past tells me that he underwent the surgery for the former reason.'

"Honey, I don't want to talk about it. I'm starved. Let's have dinner," said Edward. There was a corner deep in his heart, which couldn't be touched by anyone, including Daisy. He didn't want to reveal all his unbearable memories to Daisy.

"You didn't have dinner before coming?" asked Daisy. She looked at him and stopped inquiring about that operation. She didn't know why he had changed the subject, but she wouldn't force him to share. Deep-down everyone had secrets which weren't supposed to be disclosed to anyone, including his/her partner. So did Daisy.

"I was working overtime and then I saw your car. So I came over to see if everything was all right. How was the military exercise?" asked Edward. He caressed her cheek and smiled sincerely. Having Daisy around was a great blessing for him. His heart was beating only for her since he fell in love with her. Without her company, he felt one day was like one year.

"Well. I didn't perform as well as I usually do. It ended in a draw," replied Daisy. She was still upset for the stupid mistake she had made in the military exercise. Following the prescribed routine was inadvisable and fatal in battles. Kevin's unconventional action had distracted her, thus making the red army suffer a great loss. How to write the summary on the military exercise still remained a problem for her.

"Was that my fault?" asked Edward. They sat in the car and Edward was staring at Daisy affectionately. He had wanted to help her but instead, he became a hindrance for her.

"No, I made some mistakes. Aren't you hungry? Let's go home and have dinner! I miss Justin," said Daisy. She looked tender every time sh

bout Leena being in France.

"Well! Nothing. Kevin didn't find her at home. Did I tell you that Leena and Kevin are married?" asked Daisy. She had been really occupied with the military exercise and thinking about the photo sent from Jessica. She didn't get the chance to tell Edward about Leena's marriage.

"You know that? Alright. Apparently, Rain and I are the last ones to know it," complained Edward. 'Humph! Kevin had been busy with the military exercise, so he doesn't know that Leena has gone to France. I won't tell him about it! I need to teach him a lesson. How dare he marry Leena secretly. I know what Duke will be thinking. He won't tell him her whereabouts either. Let's thank Leena for giving us the opportunity to play tricks on Kevin,' thought Edward.

"I'm sorry! I was too busy to tell you and I assumed that Duke might have told you already. Let's go! Perhaps she is at the Leng's now," replied Daisy. Daisy was quite sure that Leena was smart enough to protect herself. Therefore, she wasn't too worried about Leena.

Then Edward started the car and revealed a meaningful smile. He thought, 'Kevin, this little trick is a wedding gift for you. We hope you'll like it. This isn't over yet. Just wait and watch our next move, humph! This is the price you pay for your secret marriage with Leena.'

The poor Kevin knew nothing about their tricks. He was rushing to the Leng's now. It turned out Edward was right about Duke. Without a second thought, Duke said he didn't know where Leena was. His father wasn't at home and therefore nobody caught him telling a lie. God knows how mad he was at Kevin. Now he would use this opportunity to get back at Kevin.

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