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   Chapter 276 Not To Provoke Daisy (Part Two)

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"Yes, Colonel." Mark said while saluting her. He looked at Jessica with a frown before he got into the military Humvee.

"Let me take you to dinner. Let's go." Edward was quite satisfied with Daisy's reaction, at least she wasn't running away from him. She remembered her promise to Edward that she would not leave because of any misunderstanding. She gave him a chance to explain everything and he was glad that he didn't need to drive around the city to look for her aimlessly.

Daisy squinted at Jessica who looked awful. She remembered the proverb, 'The poor person must be utterly detestable.' so she didn't have the slightest feeling of sympathy towards Jessica, who looked down and out. She wasn't so generous that she would share her husband with another woman.

Jessica stumbled. Feeling desperate, she looked at Edward who held Daisy's hand and stepped into his posh Lamborghini. She had never seen Edward act so considerately before. But now he was doing this for another woman before her eyes. 'Huh! Edward, you have become so gentle and soft for Daisy. It turns out that I was mistaken to think that you loved me. Compared to the love you are bestowing on Daisy, I suppose I was nothing to you.' Jessica thought.

"When did you come back? Why didn't you call me? I would have picked you up from the military base." Edward said while flicking strands of hair from her face to the back of her ears. He examined her closely to ensure that she didn't get injured anywhere.

"I planned to call you, but Jessica called me and asked for a meeting before I could make the call. I got angry and decided not to call you." Daisy was easily flustered. His sudden tender moves made her b

ed at Daisy, apprehensively. He didn't know whether Daisy was satisfied with his explanation or she didn't believe him at all.

"Haha! Edward, are you reciting a passage from a textbook like an elementary school student? You seem really cute. I didn't say I don't believe you. But why didn't you mention it when you came home later that day? In that case, I wouldn't have suspected that you still have feelings for her and that you did something behind my back.'' Daisy was not that kind of person who took everything seriously, or who liked to pester her spouse with his past mistakes. So she was quite satisfied with his explanation.

"I didn't want to let this stuff to spoil your mood before the military exercises. But I didn't anticipate that I'd mess it up in the end. It seems that I am really an irresponsible man like you just said. And you're not to be blamed if you didn't believe me." What depressed Edward the most was what had happened today. He thought that he had protected Daisy from his affairs. But it seemed that Jessica had eventually found a chance to provoke Daisy. He was totally oblivious to this.

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