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   Chapter 275 Not To Provoke Daisy (Part One)

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"I'm going back to the military base and I won't come home till the time this is solved, " said Daisy in a cold voice. She looked at Edward, with raised eyebrows. Daisy had waited to be with him for years. She tried hard to make Edward fall in love with her. But things seldom went her way, and something always seemed to come in their way.

"No. I won't let you go. No matter what she has told you, I can explain it to you. Please come home with me." Edward was adamant not to let her go back to the military base. He remembered how he missed Daisy with every passing minute when she was away on the mission of military exercises. He couldn't fall asleep at night. All he wanted now was to hold her in his arms and feel the tenderness of her warm body and enjoy the sweet aroma that only belonged to her. She was standing in front of him, how could he possibly let her go?

Jessica's face grew pale. She was stunned to see that the arrogant Edward was behaving so humbly and was begging Daisy. She felt envious that he wasn't doing this for her. 'I want to chop that bitch off. Edward, you are so cruel to me. Even if you don't love me anymore, please don't display your love and care for another woman in my presence. Do you realize what you're doing to me? You're driving me nuts!' Jessica thought.

"Edward, do you really love her that much? And are you willing to give up your dignity and self-esteem just to please this woman? What about me and our child? Do you really want to abandon us?" Jessica muttered. She believed that Edward still loved her. No matter how bad Edward treated her, she kept telling herself that it was fake. He still had a place for her in his heart, although now he was bewitched by another woman. He had lost his senses and that was why he ignored her. One day he would come back to her. But this time, she felt that she was totally invisible to him. Did this mean that she should face the reality now? Jessica wondered.

"Jessica, I warned you not to provoke Daisy. It seems that you forgot that. Do you want me to help you remember it? En-huh!" Edward sh

t how can he be so sure about it? Is there something I don't know about him?' Daisy wondered. But she was quite relieved when she heard him say that Jessica's child had nothing to do with him. She wasn't a saint who wouldn't mind if her husband had a child with another woman.

"Mark, you can go back to the villa with Luke first. I have something to discuss with your Colonel, " Edward said to Mark, but his eyes were focused firmly on Daisy. 'She promised she would believe me under any circumstance. Has she forgotten that already? I will punish her when we go back home. Perhaps then she won't doubt me next time, ' Edward thought.

"Colonel, I..." Mark said hesitantly while looking at Daisy. He was her accompanying officer, although Edward asked him to go, he still wanted to hear Daisy's opinion. He would't follow anyone else's orders except for Daisy's.

"Okay! You may go!" Daisy wanted to hear Edward's explanation. She didn't like the hostility between her and Edward, because she knew it was not good for their relationship. If she left despite Edward's request and efforts, she would fall into the trap set up by others. Speaking of traps, Daisy knew very well how to avoid them. So if anyone was scheming to plant a strife between her and Edward, they wouldn't succeed. She wouldn't do anything that would benefit the enemy but harm her family. That wasn't Daisy's style.

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