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   Chapter 274 If You Dare To Say One More Word

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"It's not your place to judge me. If you are really pregnant with his child, then I'll reiterate one last time; go to Edward directly instead of confronting me like this." Although her voice was calm and steady, Daisy clenched her fists tightly in rage. She wasn't sure whether Jessica was telling the truth or just putting on an act. But she couldn't let Jessica notice her dilemma.

"Don't you know it, Daisy? I won't come to you if you stop bothering him. Edward said that he would marry me. So you'd better leave before he gets rid of you." Jessica sneered coldly with her eyes fixed on Daisy. If she couldn't have Edward, she would make sure Daisy didn't end up with him either. She would do anything to break them up. She felt she might have a shot if Edward was single again.

"Miss Jessica, I'll leave if Edward agrees to marry you. But as of now, I'm his wife, so you better forget it! I don't give a damn whether you are pregnant or not. Stay the hell away from my husband. You don't want to mess with a Colonel, do you?" Daisy curled her lips. 'Jessica, you think I'm stupid? I won't get deceived so easily. I might have believed your nonsense a few days ago. But I won't bother listening to you, especially after Edward has declared his love for me.'

"Haha! How shameless of you, Daisy. How dare you call yourself his wife? This is just your wishful thinking! Did he even say that he wants to marry you?" Jessica was so pissed off upon hearing Daisy say 'I'm his wife' that she ignored the last words said by Daisy. Her face twitched hysterically.

"Jessica, you won't quit this nonsense, huh? What if I tell you that we got married six years ago? Do you still believe you stand a chance? If it is really Edward's child as you keep saying, have it for all I care. Raising another child won't be a problem for the Mu family. As for you... I'm sorry but I'm no saint, and I have no interest in sharing my husband with another woman. So stop bothering me and my husband."

It tore Daisy apart to know that Jessica bore Edward's child. But she hid her feelings behind her poker face and acted as calmly as she could. She was seething in agony inside, but she couldn't let Jessica see through her pain.

"What? That's impossible! I don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth, you shameless bitch! Haha... Six years ago? I have been by his side for the past few years, not you! Where were you all these years if you are married?" Jessica snapped at Daisy while shaking her head in disbelief. She didn't believe her. 'Edward had never mentioned that he has a wife and he was never seen with Daisy during those years. It must be a false pretext by Daisy to keep Edward to herself. That's it! She must be lying!' Jessica thought to herself, deliberating if there was any truth in Daisy's words.

"You can ask him if you don't believe me. I don't have to explain anything to you since it's our personal life. Is there anything else that you want to

was puzzled, 'Do they know each other? Or Jessica ignores my words and comes to see Daisy?'

"Edward, handle this yourself. I have no interest in clearing your mess. Make sure that she leaves me alone. I don't have the time to play games with her. Mark, let's get out of here." Daisy was delighted to see Edward. But when she thought of what Jessica had told her, she felt annoyed.

"Where are you going? Huh?" Edward reached out and pulled Daisy into his arms. Before Daisy could push him away, he lowered his head and kissed her. He had no idea what had been going on, but he perceived Daisy was angry.

Not expecting that Edward would kiss her in public, Daisy blushed. She caught a glimpse of Jessica staring at them. Daisy suddenly kicked Edward's left calf and pushed him off. Watching Edward gasping in pain, Daisy glared at him in fury. The military exercises had worn her out; she didn't have the energy to deal with his dolls. All Daisy wanted to do at this moment was to shoot him through his head.

Edward knew that Daisy was mad at him, but he didn't expect that she would actually attack him. However, he was not mad because Daisy didn't hit him that hard. And it wouldn't be that easy if they were alone. Edward knew she would definitely beat him up.

Jessica was startled by Edward's sudden arrival. Edward warned her about leaving Daisy alone, yet she was caught red-handed provoking Daisy. Edward had been cruel to Jessica lately, she was worried about what he would do to her this time. To Jessica's surprise, Edward passionately kissed Daisy in public. She was jealous to death. In all these years she had spent with him, Edward had never touched her lips. She couldn't hold her feelings back and she offended him by kissing him last time, which led to the almost bankruptcy of the Lin Group. He had once told her that only the woman he loved could kiss him on his lips, and now he was kissing Daisy in front of her... Did it mean that he loved Daisy?

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