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   Chapter 273 Jessica's Confrontation (Part Two)

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Because Jessica interrupted, she wasn't able to call Edward. Daisy sorted the papers on her way back. She didn't expect all her preparations to be ruined by a last-minute change. Things didn't always turn out as planned. But Kevin was good at dealing with emergencies. Although she was tied with Kevin in the military exercises, Daisy didn't feel she could compare to Kevin in improvisation. Daisy wasn't upset about it because she also learned a lot from Kevin.

It was afternoon when Daisy arrived back at the military base. She still had some work to do after the military exercises. By the time she was done, it was dark. Her forehead knotted in a frown when she remembered that she had to meet up with Jessica. Daisy was exhausted. All she wanted to do was take a hot bath instead of meeting up with Jessica.

Although she wanted to go home, Daisy didn't even consider it. She took a quick shower in her office and changed into a dress. Because she had no idea what Jessica was going to do, Daisy didn't wear her military uniform in case things got messy and she had to use her fists.

"Colonel, are we going back to the villa?" Mark asked as Daisy got into the car. Mark was confused to see that she had changed her clothes. Daisy usually went back home after work.

"No, we're going somewhere else before going back home. It won't take long." Daisy didn't think she had anything to say to Jessica. But she had to get this mess fixed as soon as possible to prevent Jessica from pestering her further.

Jessica was all dressed up for the appointment. Her goal w

she felt in the face of Daisy's calmness.

"Miss Lin, please watch your language. Whether my parents are rich or not is none of your business. On the other hand, you seem to be the uncouth one. You should learn to be polite. Your beautiful clothes can't mask your dirty soul." Daisy stared at Jessica with cold eyes. She had the authoritative presence of a colonel.

Jessica was at a loss for words, startled by Daisy's retort. Because she came from an ordinary family, Jessica thought that Daisy was soft-spoken. Jessica didn't expect that dealing with Daisy would be so difficult. Jessica panicked for a moment, but she snapped back in response.

"Interesting. Are you saying I'm uncouth?" What about you? Do you think you're better than me? How could a polished woman be a single mother? If I tell you that I'm pregnant with Edward's child, would you still think I'm uncouth?" Jessica finally used her trump card. How could this bitch accuse her of being uncouth? Jessica looked forward to enjoying the pained expression on Daisy's face.

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