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   Chapter 272 Jessica's Confrontation (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5392

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On the H City military field base, Daisy took her phone back excitedly. All she wanted to do was to call Edward. She looked forward to hearing his deep voice and telling him how much she missed him.

Daisy pressed the power button and eagerly waited for the screen to light up. Her heart began to race uncontrollably as she thought about seeing the man she loved so much tonight.

But not everything in life goes along well. A call came even before she could dial Edward's number. Daisy looked at the familiar number. She remembered it was Jessica's number. Why was Jessica calling her?

"Hello, This is Daisy speaking. Who's that?" Even though she'd already known who the caller was, Daisy offered her name due to force of habit.

"It seems that you've already forgotten who I am. Come on, Daisy Ouyang. You've been avoiding me these past few days. Why do you pick my call up this time?" Jessica said sharply. She had been trying to reach Daisy for a few days but never succeeded. She didn't expect things to be different today.

"Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. Tell me who you are or I'm disconnecting this call." Daisy hated rude people the most. She thought that everyone should have the courtesy to introduce themselves during a call. But Jessica didn't do what's expected of her and instead accused Daisy of something she didn't do. No one could remain calm with this treatment.

"Stop playing the fool. You know who I am. Or are you afraid of me?" Jessica talked down to Daisy. She felt superior when it came to Daisy. She was from the well-known Lin clan and Daisy was poor and p

answered and after a while, her phone was turned off. Kevin began to worry. What was she doing now? Was she too busy to pick up the phone?

Leena didn't answer his call because she forgot to bring her phone along. It was probably switched off because it ran out of battery. Kevin shook his head. There was no way he could know what she was doing since she didn't answer his call. 'Maybe she's still sleeping. She's such a night owl.' Kevin thought to himself. Thinking his guess made sense, Kevin felt relieved and started to handle other matters.

As the Humvee whizzed along the motorway, Daisy focused on sorting out the military exercise documents. She didn't let herself get distracted by Jessica's call. Daisy was sure that Edward didn't have anything to do with Jessica. Otherwise, Jessica wouldn't come to her. A Brilliant woman would confront her man instead of her rival in love competitions. Only a silly woman would talk with her rival and let her rival know how miserable she was. Obviously, Jessica was the latter and not brilliant enough to take Daisy on.

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