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   Chapter 271 Forget Me And Be Happy

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Annie bit her bottom lip and took a few deep breaths. After a while, she finally made up her mind and leaned forward, replacing her fingers with her trembling lips. She shivered all over as their lips touched. Complicated feelings surged in her heart. She felt despicable for kissing Rain while he was drunk. Her heart was bleeding. She'd always wanted this to happen when he loved her, but it seemed it was never going to happen. She was deceiving herself back then, she could only have him this way. At least this would leave her with good memories.

Rain wasn't as drunk as Annie thought he was. He was sober when Annie loosened his tie, but he had a huge headache and he didn't want to open his eyes. He simply frowned and let himself drown in the endless darkness. But he didn't expect Annie to touch his lips and kiss him. He froze in astonishment and excitement.

Annie hesitantly explored his lips again with her tongue. She felt like crying. How could a proud woman like her beg for a man's love this way? How far had she fallen? Even though she knew it wasn't right, she really wanted this. This was her only chance to be with him, even just for one night. She had to be brave and continue what she started.

She kept teasing Rain with her inexperienced kiss. Although Rain had no idea why she kissed him, he was happy to play along. With eyes still closed, he clenched his fists and thought to himself, 'Annie, if you stop right now and leave, I'll let you go and pretend this never happened because I love you. But if you keep going, I'll take over and play by my rules.'

Annie's face turned completely red. She tried to undo the buttons of his shirt with her shaky hands, but she was too nervous. Annoyed by the situation, she accidentally bit Rain's lip. He suddenly opened his eyes and turned around to press her on the bed.

"Don't you know you're playing with fire?" Rain said in a low voice. An intense fire was burning inside him. He looked down into Annie's eyes. His head was pounding, partly because of the alcohol and partly because of Annie's teasing.

Startled, Annie froze underneath him. But she soon pulled herself together and bit her lip, reaching out her trembling hands to continue undoing his buttons. She didn't care if he was sober or not, she had to do it. All she wanted in this moment wa

felt a bit at ease. He went into the bathroom and took a long hot bath before coming out with a towel around his waist.

He didn't remember much about last night, except being rough with Annie due to the alcohol. He remembered saying something horrible, but he couldn't recall what it was. He must've hurt her, or she wouldn't be crying like that. But she was the one who seduced him. Why was she crying as if he was forcing himself on her?

Rain smiled bitterly. The heavy scent of their lovemaking still wafted around the bedroom. He glanced around the room aimlessly, and froze in shock when he saw the blood on the sheet. Was Annie a virgin? Rain suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt for being so rough with her. He searched for her in a panic, he needed to apologize to her. But he couldn't find Annie anywhere in the house. He dashed back to the bedroom and opened the closet, only to find that all her things were gone.

Rain grabbed his phone and dialed her number. But no matter how many times he called, the only response he got was a cold and rigid sentence, "The number you have dialed is switched off.' Did Annie really just leave like that? 'Did Annie spend her first time with me because she loves me? Then why did she run away?'

Rain was at a loss. He couldn't figure out Annie's reasons, but he came to a decision that morning. Since Annie was bold enough to initiate things, he wouldn't let her go easily. He would find Annie even if it would take him long. But Rain didn't know that he wouldn't be seeing Annie for a few years.

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