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   Chapter 270 I'll Ask For Nothing More

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"You have to ask Duke about that. We hardly know about it." Rain raised his eyebrows and glanced at Duke. This fellow seemed so smooth lately. Ever since he was with Belinda, Duke had been acting like he conquered the whole world, which bothered Rain big time.

"Don't. I didn't know anything until they'd already done it. I'm still trying to figure things out here." Duke was pissed off when they talked about that. He was so ready to kick Kevin's ass but his father showed up at that critical moment. Duke was a good son so he could do nothing but let Kevin take Leena away. Their father seemed okay with it. Duke respected his father and his decisions.

"By the way, who the hell is this Kevin? He seems like more than an ordinary soldier." Edward had met Kevin several times before. He noticed that Kevin had a imposing aura, which was unusual for a soldier. Edward knew that Kevin must have come from a noble family which was wealthy and sophisticated enough to shape his character.

"I heard he is from a noble family of the capital city. A military family. It seems every member of his family has high military rank. I don't know about the details. I only did some digging after he talked to my father that day. Nothing useful in fact. It almost felt like someone deliberately edited his profile and released it to the public." Duke was angry back then so he didn't join their talk in the study. All the information he had about Kevin was his own investigation.

"What? No way! So Leena picked a rich guy! Good for her!" Rain laughed out loud as he usually did. The extravagant laugh somehow suited his personality.

Edward said nothing; he simply played with his wine glass while staring blankly at the liquid. Then he suddenly raised the glass and gulped down his wine. He was alarmed by their words. He suddenly thought of the possibility of Daisy being someone else's wife with good family background and considerate personality. But thank God she loved him and chose him. He felt so lucky that Daisy loved him for all these years with all her heart, and her love for him never changed.

"We should definitely ask him out for drinks someday. I want to see what a man coming from a military family looks like." Tom usually seemed gentle and refined; however, the truth was that he could be as ruthless as Hades himself. He would kill without hesitation, and his enemy would die before they realized what had happened. Of course it only happened when someone had crossed the line, otherwise Tom would be like a sleeping lion, majestic but not harmful.

"What's wrong with you guys? Don't we have something to discuss? Why do we keep talking about that Kevin guy?" Duke still hated Kevin for stealing his sister, so he didn't want to talk about him or even hear his name.

"The biggest news today is Le

both of them from falling.

After a while, Annie finally managed to carry Rain to his bedroom with the bodyguard's help. She was frowning all the time. After sending away the bodyguard, Annie went back upstairs and stared at his beautiful face. Eyes closed, he was quiet like a sleeping angel. No smirk and no bitter smile, he still looked gorgeous even without any expressions.

Annie sighed heavily and knelt down beside the bed to undress him. Annie carefully loosened his tie. However, he frowned when her cold fingers touched his neck. Startled, Annie shivered and her nails almost scratched his jaw. To be honest, she was afraid that he would suddenly open his eyes, and he would see all her affection to him in her eyes that she had been trying so hard to hide.

Annie slowly loosened his tie with her shaky hands, beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Holding his tie in hand, she couldn't help gazing at his thin lips. She blushed when she thought of the affectionate deep kiss last night. It was the happiest moment in her life. But it didn't last long. He pushed her away and ran off without even looking back at her, as if she were some dangerous beast.

Hesitant, Annie reached out her fingers and gently touched his tender lips. 'Rain, do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I have given up for you? Your every look and every smile, and every frame of our days together are carved into my heart. I have built a fort out of my fantasies, but you left without me. I have tried so hard to keep up with you, but I just couldn't.

To be honest, I'm exhausted. I have lost myself chasing after you. I have tossed away my dignity but you never look at me. Tonight, I'm going to be this humble for one last time. I want to be your woman. And I'll ask for nothing more. I'll let you go. I'll let myself go...' Annie mumbled in her mind desperately.

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