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   Chapter 269 Good Honing Gives A Sharp Edge To A Sword (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5599

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The news was unexpected. The general stood up suddenly and said excitedly, "Daisy really lives up to her reputation! I knew things weren't that simple! It's still up in the air who's going to win."

Meanwhile, without missing a beat, Daisy ordered, "Wait 60 seconds, then change frequencies. They can only jam one frequency at a time." When she viewed the data from the front line, Daisy smiled, and said, "It's about to end."

"Colonel! We're back in contact with the first echelon!" said a dogrobber excitedly.

"Action!" commanded Daisy. Her order set everyone on fire. Just now they were surprised and excited by this beautiful colonel. Now they all looked forward to what would happen next. They waited breathlessly for the results.

Three hours later, the exercise came to an end. But the result was uncertain. If you judged from the perspective of battle damage, the red army had lost more soldiers than the blue army. But... "Congratulations colonel, I lost!" said Kevin, smiling. He was lost in Daisy's beauty for a while, but shook himself out of it.

"You won fair and square! I lost five times more soldiers than you did. Unless I miss my guess, I think you'll be judged the victor." replied Daisy.

"With all due respect, before the exercise, I calculated that your battle damage would be ten times more than mine. Now it's just five times. In this case, I've already lost." said Kevin. It didn't mean that Kevin looked down on the red army. He had already adopted some unusual tactics. It never occurred to him that Daisy would be so calm and it taught him a good lesson.

"Ten times? You're overconfident!" replied Daisy. She was doubtful about the r

me to perform.

"I'm not you! You can't wait to force Annie to sleep with you! Be careful, you might frighten her away, " replied Edward. Edward never let up when arguing with others. He knew how to beat Rain in a war of words.

"Oh my God! Rain, you forced Annie to sleep with you? Is it that serious? With your handsome face, you can sleep with any woman you want. So why did you need to force her?" Duke teased Rain. The jesting did have some effect. Duke's ice cold expression melted into one of amusement.

"Piss off. I'm not a male prostitute! And now I have a question for you, Duke. When did Leena get married? Why don't you tell us?" asked Rain. He changed the subject immediately. He didn't want to be laughed at by them. And he wondered, 'Any woman I want? Are you kidding me?'

"What? Leena is married?" shouted Tom. This got Tom to think, 'She is so young! Why did she get married so suddenly? Nothing's the same anymore. Edward has a five year old son; Duke's married. And now Leena? When did all this happen? Am I too old and outdated? Or does the world change too quickly to keep up with it?'

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