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   Chapter 268 Good Honing Gives A Sharp Edge To A Sword (Part One)

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In H City, the military exercise was drawing to a close. With a smile on his face, Kevin was excited. He thought, 'Daisy put a lot of work into arranging marches and using various weapons. I wonder how this military exercise will turn out. Or what effect it'll have on various processes already in place. I couldn't get the upper hand, but neither could she. I guess we'll have to call it a draw.'

"Dogrobber! Order the first echelon to hold the enemy at bay! And the second and third echelons to surround the enemy, close in now!" ordered Kevin. He was the commander of the blue army.

"Daisy, what else can you do? I have to admit that I'm surprised at your solid skills in these military exercises, " whispered Kevin to himself. He put his cap on straight and wore a smile on his face.

"Colonel, Major General Gu is fighting back now? According to the rules, the blue army should be on the defensive!" said a young major. He was checking screens and making notes in the red army hq. He pointed at the red dot moving rapidly on the screen.

'Kevin, you've lost patience. I knew that you wouldn't follow the rules and be on the defensive. But this time, your enemy is me. I'm no pushover, ' thought Daisy. She put on a bright smile, excited about what was going to happen next.

"Colonel! According to rules, the blue army is not allowed to initiate attacks. It's against the aim of the exercise!" repeated the young major. He tried to remind Daisy of the rules again.

"What is the point of the exercise?" asked Daisy. She continued, "The point of the exercise is to train armies! Usually, the blue army is the grindstone. And why are we trained? In peacetime, soldiers are trained to prepare for future wars! And following orders step-by-step will make the traini

thoughtful gift, " said Kevin. Kevin wasted no time bantering with her. He figured this might get her upset -- make her lose her cool and make stupid mistakes.

"Major General Gu, isn't it inappropriate of you to talk directly to the enemy commander during maneuvers?" asked Daisy. With a forced smile, she continued, "Sure enough, you're the youngest and most promising major general in the city. The blue army under your command is very good. But..." Daisy paused and continued.

"There are still three hours left. Isn't it too early for you to declare victory? A lot can happen in three hours, " said Daisy. Calm and aloof, she hung up immediately.

In the Main Office, the officers monitored the exercise.

"It seems that the red army is going to lose, " said a general. He was going over the data and shook his head. It wasn't the first time that he had directed the exercises involving Kevin as commander of the blue army. He knew how cunning Kevin was and was hoping that Daisy could defeat him.

"Report!" A young major from the front line saluted and gave a sit rep. "Things have changed. The blue army is approaching their second line. The first echelon is dead!"

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