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   Chapter 267 Sis Knows Him Too (Part Two)

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"Luke, don't you think it strange for you to keep addressing me as Mr. Mu?" asked Edward. After so many years, he once again had heard Luke call his parents Mom and Dad the night before. In the past few years, Edward had told him many times not to call him Mr. Mu, but he got disappointed every time. Thus he knew how stubborn Luke was. Edward thought his father must have intimated him to call him Dad. But he was curious what he had said to Luke. He would like to try it too. Having heard Luke calling him Mr. Mu so many times, he was on the edge of cursing.

"No, I don't. I'm used to it. Hard to change." Luke knew what Edward wanted. But it was a different case from the master and the lady. He had called the master and the lady Dad and Mom when he was little. As he grew up, he had found it inappropriate to address them like that, so he had stopped calling them that. Since they had seldom contacted each other, it was easy to change it back. However, for so many years, he had spent almost every day with Edward. It was too difficult for him to change.

"Okay, suit yourself. It's just a form of addressing. Doesn't matter to me. But remember, no matter how you address me, you're a member of the family. That will never change." Edward had always treated Luke as a brother. But Luke thought they belonged to different social classes.

"I see. I'm going to look into the matter. Mr. Mu, to get the result sooner, maybe you can use the master's help," Luke said hesitantly, unsure whether Edward would ask for his Dad's help. Luke also knew about Jonathan Mu's the other identity, but like Edward, he had chosen not to look into it either.

"Forget it. I won't ask h

uld be happy to see Daisy at the ceremony. This would be the first time for his wife to show up at any ceremony since Edward became the CEO. It would be rather a sensation. Anna couldn't wait.

"OK. Thanks." Edward was excited about his plan. Finally he could tell the world Daisy was his wife, the woman he loved. As for the officers on the military base, they could see that FX International Group was behind her. She'd have the assessment locked in. He would like to see who dared fail her again.

He asked Rain to handle the sponsorship involving the military base, because he knew Daisy didn't like him interfering with her work. She was too honest and hoped all her honor was gained by hard work only. He understood her, so he wouldn't mention anything about it to her. At the ceremony, he just wanted to let people know where FX International Group stood.

Each second Edward thought of Daisy was sweet. In the evening, lying on the bed with her lingering scent, he wouldn't fall asleep until he gazed lovingly at the picture on his phone for a long time, which had never happened before. Love made him soft.

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