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   Chapter 266 Sis Knows Him Too (Part One)

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"Did I agree to it? Tell me who it is! How could Duke turn a blind eye to this?" Edward had always regarded Leena as a younger sister. In those lonely years, she was the only one to make him feel warm, like he was with family. So he was furious to hear her news, not at her but the guy who had married her so suddenly.

"Well, sis knows him too. He and sis are at the same military base. His name is Kevin." Leena lowered her eyes, afraid to look at Edward. To her, Edward was even more frightening than her brother.

"What? Kevin? Him?" Edward was surprised. 'Doesn't he like Daisy? Why did he suddenly marry Leena? Is he taking revenge on me by hurting the people around me because he can't get the woman I love?' he thought.

"Edward, if this guy's real, that means Leena's telling the truth." Rain had thought it was a joke at first, but seeing Edward's reaction, he knew that Leena was serious, she had really gotten married.

"Did you meet him while you were visiting the military base?" Edward ignored Rain and kept his eyes on Leena.

"No, we met before. Last time at the base was just a chance meeting." Leena left out the part that all this had started with a one-night stand. That would be embarrassing. What's even more embarrassing, she had come on to Kevin first.

"Does he love you? Marriage's a huge deal. How could you be so reckless?" Edward didn't believe that Kevin married Leena for love -- but a marriage without love would only end in misery. Edward hated to see Leena get hurt. She was spoiled by everyone around her. Edward didn't want to see someone else take her happiness away.

"Edward, " Leena said. "Please don't worry. I've thought it over, and I'll be happy, " said Leena. She wouldn't have agreed to marry Kevin if she didn't like him at all, though she did it p

ing her and planning something secretly, so he kept silent.

It was suddenly very quiet at the dinner table, because everyone was thinking about something. Leena was usually lively and quirky. But now she was observing everyone with her head lowered. She sighed inside and thought, 'Gosh! The interrogation is finally over! I was about to cry.'

As a matter of fact, Kevin was the one to cry. She had left her phone on the backseat of the car and didn't remember it until she boarded the plane. Nothing would have happened if she hadn't been so forgetful. Unfortunately, Kevin was the victim.

After dinner, Edward asked Luke to investigate the matter Leo had mentioned the day before. It was unbelievable that Daisy wasn't Leo's biological daughter. He decided to find out the truth.

"Mr. Mu, since it was a long time ago, it might take some time, " Luke answered. He sighed and felt sorry for Daisy. Things about her were getting more and more complicated. He was worried about the result. If what Leo had said was true, the truth would be like a knife stabbing Daisy in the heart. What could be more painful than knowing she was conceived while her mom was having an affair with another man?

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