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   Chapter 265 I'm Married (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5904

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Annie's fists clenched. She must have been crazy enough to come here, to believe there was any chance between her and Rain. A stab of annoyance shot through her. Annie literally couldn't bear looking at her beloved man fooling around with another woman any more. She was excessively exhausted. The world started to spin at her feet. The sight of Rain and Leena giggling with each other hurt her eyes. Annie didn't know how to deal with her feelings toward Rain anymore.

"Aren't you hot standing here? Why are you just standing in the sun like that?" Edward's brow rose as he tried to block the sun with his palm. He couldn't stand the heat and urged them to leave.

"Not really. The sun is quite enjoyable today. Edward, you are cooped up in that air-conditioned room for too long. You don't know how to appreciate the gifts of nature." Leena teased him with a big grin. However, she could also feel the burning heat on her cheeks. Obviously, they had been standing in the sun way too long.

"Let's go! I don't want him to pass out from heat stroke right here right now." Rain stole a glance at Edward. He felt greatly amused to tease him in front of Leena, instead of getting teased himself.

Annie stood still as she watched their car disappear into the distance. Slowly, she stepped out from behind the pillar, tears ran down her cheeks like strings of pearls. Her heart ached so much that she started to have second thought about her boldness. She was wrong in the first place. She would never be able to catch up with him.

It would be better if she left now. She hated to lurk around in the background, looking for him in every possible corner and only to find him fooling around with another woman. She would rather retreat to her own world where she c

ted at the same moment but in two different ways. Rain spit out the water he was drinking, Edward dropped the knife that he was using to cut the steak. The knife hit the plate, making a clear, sharp sound that startled her.

"Unbelievable! If you're joking, it's not funny. Who would be so brave that he would actually marry you?!" Rain stared at her in astonishment. He couldn't believe her words at all.

"Who in the world -- ?" Edward's handsome face turned dark. He leaned closer to examine her. He believed what she just said. If she was just messing around, she wouldn't make such a big effort to meet up with them right before her flight. She must be telling the truth as she would ask them out for dinner only because she had something important to tell them.

"Edward, you promised that you wouldn't be mad." Leena bit her bottom lip as she avoided his stare. She knew that Edward was crazier than Mr. Cold when he got mad. Therefore, it took her days to gather up the courage to tell him the news. She knew it would be better that he heard the news from her, instead of others. He would never forgive her if he found out about her marriage through other people.

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