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   Chapter 264 I'm Married (Part One)

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Inside the luxury apartment, Leena carefully wrote on a piece of paper. Her ruby lips gracefully curled up as she finished the last stroke. Then, she put the paper on the dresser. As she looked up, she saw her own reflection in the mirror. She smiled -- Leena felt confident about how she looked. She turned around and picked up her already packed luggage. As she walked out of the room, her clothes caught the paper and accidentally flipped it onto the floor and underneath the table. However, Leena was not aware of it at all.

Leena loaded her luggage into the car. Her destination was not the international airport, but FX International Group. She had been married for a couple of days now and she wondered whether Edward had heard about it from her brother. She was close to Edward, so she might as well pay him a visit and tell him herself.

While holding onto the steering wheel steadily with one hand, Leena used the other to shove the earbud into her ear. Then, she dialed the familiar number on her phone and waited patiently for the person on the other end of line to answer.

"Hello? Leena? How are you?" Edward answered the call straightaway. He was browsing through the documents Rain left on his desk. A big smile spread across his face as he spoke. He was just wondering where she had gone. But why did she call him out of the blue?

"Hey! Edward, are you free today? How about taking me out to lunch?" Leena's voice was sweet as usual. It was a perfect match for her adorable looks. She sounded soothing and pleasant.

"Leena! Are you running out of lunch dates now?" Edward laughed as he turned his wrist to check the time. His face softened as he thought about her.

"Yep! Would you like to have lunch with me then?" Leena giggled. Her joyful laughter instantly melted Edward's heart.

"I am greatly flattered by the invitation fr

d hard feelings. She wasn't supposed to be there, but Annie caught him anyway.

Was she the girl Rain liked? Supposedly, Rain was not into open-minded girls... In order to win his heart, she had been changing for him all this time! Judging from the happy look on Rain's face, he must be really keen on the sweet-looking girl!

"Stop it, Rain, you're messing up my make-up!" Leena pouted and rubbed her cheek against his shirt. She looked disgusted as if his small kiss had ruined her face.

Annie's face turned pale as she looked at them fooling around. She was too far away from them and couldn't tell what they were saying. All she saw was how intimate Rain and Leena were with each other. She completely ignored Edward who was standing right next to them. Annie's heart ached. She unconsciously bit her bottom lip so hard that it started to bleed.

"You silly girl! You have no idea how many women are begging for me to kiss them! Don't destroy my confidence like that!" Just like Edward, Rain also held Leena dearly. Leena treated his light purple shirt as a handkerchief. He was quite speechless at her behavior just now, however, he still spoiled her with a gentle smile. Rain gazed into her face. A smile touched his mouth.

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