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   Chapter 263 Enjoy The Taste Of Heartbreak (Part Two)

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"Now you are saying it yourself. Tsk-tsk! How can you be so brutal to a delicate little girl?" Edward curved his lips in a playful smile. He knew Rain had a thing for Annie but Rain refused to admit it, always trying to appear nonchalant. When Annie started to blow him off, it was Rain's turn to get nervous. He even got the nerve to force Annie. That was ballsy! Rain hadn't taken the opportunity when Annie had been obsessed with him and followed him around. Now that Annie snapped out of it, everything seemed wrong to Rain. He just felt she shouldn't treat him this way, he should be the center of her world.

"Well, thanks to you, now I can act like a woman scorned, " Rain said, taking on an accusatory tone. Of course Edward was the one to blame. If it hadn't been for Edward's urgent order, he wouldn't go to the dinner and those people wouldn't have given him so much wine.

"Um! Great analogy. Now you seem nothing less than a scorned woman. But I have nothing to do with that. I remember I asked you to go after Lin Group, not Annie." Edward knew what Rain meant. To win those people over, Rain needed to use all his tact, diplomacy and rhetoric, and drinking was unavoidable. He could imagine what a drunk man would do to the woman he loved.

"Edward, are you burning bridges after you cross the river? Seriously, why don't we start to buy up shares of the Lin Group? We've come this far, why stop now?" Rain kept wondering why Edward pulled out at this moment. It was the perfect opportunity to acquire the Lin Group. It was unlike Edward to let his enemies walk away.

"Oh, no, that's not necessary. The little pressure I brought to them has put their president in the hospital already. If I had bought his company, I doubt he would ever be able to go home alive. Yo

es. Based on the things that had happened to him and Edward, that was not a lie.

"It doesn't matter much when you get used to it. Why don't you make an effort to win your girl back? Please don't pry into my private life, " Edward said and a mischievous smile crossed his face. Sometimes teasing Rain was great fun.

"Argh! That hurts! I have to go. Let's go get a drink at Sexy World tonight." Rain said, rising from the sofa. Alcohol was a good stuff to dispel troubles, he needed some wine to release the bitter frustration built up in his heart.

"Good. You read my mind. Let's get drunk tonight." Edward accepted Rain's invitation with alacrity. His condition was no better than Rain's. He could use some relaxation. In the past he had lived a life rotten to the core. Now drinking was just a rare pastime.

"Okay. Now I need to continue slaving away for the capitalist. Work all day, work all night!" Rain said and hurried out of the office, knowing his words would annoy Edward. Rain closed the door just in time to avoid the folder Edward threw at him. Rain heard the dull thud from back, satisfied with how fast he was. Edward couldn't expect his trick to work every time.

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