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   Chapter 262 Enjoy The Taste Of Heartbreak (Part One)

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Did he hate her? Or he couldn't accept she was the one he kissed? She probably shouldn't have come in the first place. Maybe it was time to leave. After all, her co-workers from the C Financial Group had left already. At first, she couldn't bear the thought of leaving him, and had persuaded herself to stay with all her might, but it turned out she had made a bad choice. She was still nothing to him.

They both loved each other, but a minor misunderstanding stopped them from declaring their hearts. They couldn't bridge the abyss of doubts and assumptions. Things were getting tougher and tougher for this love relationship.

Annie didn't move, face buried in her long hair, tears trickling down her cheeks. She didn't make a sound, though her shaking shoulders betrayed her sadness. Rain returned but what he saw plunged his heart into icewater. Did she hate him so much? Did the impulsive kiss make her feel so sad? Did she have someone in her heart? A million questions roared through his mind, but his voice caught in his throat. He couldn't step forward; all he could do was to turn around and walk away in silence. The abyss widened.

One quiet night was a sweet remedy for broken hearts, a lovely melody for desolate minds. It was like a beautiful song played on a flute, soundless notes floating in the air -- sad, soft, lasting but always unreachable.

Over one night, the Lin Group was about to fall apart. It had been one of the strongest companies the night before, and now it was on the brink of collapse. Thanks to its retailing business, their stocks hadn't become complete scrap papers. Edward did show them some small mercy.

Jessica's mind went utterly blank. She put her hands on her belly. This was the only thing that could bring her some happiness. Edward could be very cruel and she knew it well. For so many years he had closed his heart to all women around him. She had thought she was different and she would be the one by his side in the end. But this Daisy appeared from nowhere and t

his company with his blood and sweat. She didn't want to be the one to give it up.

The mood was better in the CEO's Office of FX International Group. Edward studied the file in his hands, lips curved lightly, pleased with what he had seen.

"Great. Rain, very efficient. How about the other task?" Edward said with a smile. He put aside the file and glanced at Rain. What happened to him? Rain was leaning languidly against the sofa, with a look of dismay on his face instead of his usual smile.

"I'm on it. Relax. We are not the one who is begging." Rain answered tiredly, unwilling to change his listless posture. Even now, what happened last night still filled him with deep frustration. He left home very early this morning, just because he didn't know how to face Annie.

"What's wrong? You're acting like you tried to put a move on Annie last night and she brushed you off." Edward just said it in passing and didn't mean to tease Rain. But apparently Rain took it seriously, widened eyes fastened on Edward, wondering how Edward could know he had kissed Annie against her will last night. Could Edward read his mind?

"How did you know?" Sometimes Rain was one card short of a full deck. All you needed was a casual mention and he was ready to tell the whole story without knowing it. Small wonder Edward could string him along.

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