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   Chapter 261 Are You Drunk (Part Two)

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"I..." Annie's lips quivered. She hesitated for a while and eventually lowered her head. She wanted to tell Rain but she didn't know where to start. Yes, she was avoiding him, but not in the way that he thought she was. She was afraid that if she stayed by his side for one more second that she would toss away everything she had, and beg him to let her be with him. But after all she had been through, she didn't want him to reject her. So she could only avoid him. If she didn't see him, probably she wouldn't miss him.

"What? You said you like me. But it turns out that you are no different than those women who just like my face." Rain mumbled in a low voice while he fixed his eyes on Annie's face. He withdrew his hands and staggered into Annie's bedroom. At this very moment, he was sure that Annie's feelings toward him were only blind admiration rather than true love.

Pale as a ghost, Annie clenched her fists and bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from bursting out. That was what Rain thought of her, that she was no different than those women who came and went in his life. His last sentence was like a dagger piercing her heart; she felt so ashamed of herself. She admitted that she was attracted to his handsome face at first, but as she got to know him, she fell for who he was instead of how he looked. He was the only man that she had ever loved.

Annie tottered forward as if all her strength was drained from her. Even though he was harsh to her, she couldn't leave him alone. It broke her heart to see him in dismay.

Rain feebly collapsed to the floor and leaned against the bed. He loosened his tie and pulled open his shirt, revealing his sexy and tawny chest.

'Annie, you've changed so soon? What about my feelings for you that I've been suppressing all this time? Are they only my own wishful thinking?' Rain forced a bitter smile. A couple of years was long enough for a person to chan

in her lips, he widened his eyes and suddenly let go of Annie. He stood up abruptly and looked down at Annie, both of them panting heavily.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." Rain ran out of the room without looking back at Annie again. 'Damn it! How could I kiss her against her will? I really love her, and I just didn't realize it until just now. But she clearly has no feelings for me anymore, otherwise she wouldn't be crying. She must be hating me for humiliating her like this.' Rain thought to himself gloomily. Though he didn't mean to do that, he hurt her after all, and it was the last thing he wanted in the world.

Annie looked at him staggering away. She sat on the floor and tried to catch her breath, her head still dizzy because of the kiss. 'So he just doesn't like me. I'm not the one he wants to kiss, and that's why he pushed me off and left.' Annie thought to herself in agony.

Lost in her own thoughts, Annie touched her lips. One minute ago he was kissing her passionately, and the next he just took off without hesitation. Were it not for the wine taste lingering in her mouth, Annie would almost feel that she was dreaming and the kiss never happened. They both wanted each other, but apparently it was impossible for them to tell the other person.

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