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   Chapter 260 Are You Drunk (Part One)

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Edward threw himself onto the bed and sighed heavily; he felt like a flat tire at this moment. He didn't even go take a shower like he used to do as soon as he got home. He simply lay on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling, with a mixed feeling of confusion and sadness tangling in his eyes.

Someone knocked on the door. Cynthia pushed the door open and walked directly towards Edward's bed. She lay down beside Edward, but instead of looking at the ceiling like Edward did, she turned around and fixed her eyes on Edward's handsome yet dreamy face.

She noticed when Edward walked off. Though she adored little Justin, Edward was her only son. But most of the time, she focused on Jonathan instead of Edward when he was little. It was the promise that she gave to Jonathan, that even if they had children, he would remain the most important man in her life. Cynthia knew she wasn't the best mother in the world; she wasn't there for her son when he was little. No matter how many babysitters or servants she had arranged to look after him, still nothing could be compared to the love from his parents. And Edward still longed for that. Edward grew increasingly distant and indifferent as time went by.

Edward didn't have any siblings, so Cynthia brought Luke home to be Edward's playmate so he wouldn't be alone. However, being a orphan, Luke was cold and indifferent as well. Instead of playing with Edward as Cynthia had expected, he preferred to be alone. Cynthia was surprised, but she didn't send Luke away. She knew Luke would be a loyal friend to Edward and protect him no matter what happened.

"Eddie, are you mad at me?" Cynthia reached out her fair index finger and gently rubbed Edward's frowning brow. Gazing lovingly at her son, she felt sorry for her absence all these years.

"No, mom. I'm not mad at anyone." Edward whispered as he closed his eyes; he didn't push his mother away. He meant what he said. His life went on pretty well without them. He learned it when he was only a little boy that his father only cared about his mother; as for his mother, although she loved him, she loved his father even more. Day by day and year by year, Edward eventually realized that he was an invisible

He had dinner with them and made a few toasts. He was sober, but considering what he planned to do to Annie, he'd better pretend to stay drunk.

"Okay, okay. You're not drunk. Can you let me pass please?" Annie's heart skipped a beat as Rain was this close to her. She felt a bit afraid because she had no idea what Rain was going to do to her; she felt a little frightened, yet a little excited. Though she loved him very much, she wanted him to be sober when they hugged or kissed or did anything else. That way could she be sure that Rain did it because he loved her, rather than because he was drunk. She couldn't bear it that he kissed her yet he didn't even like her.

"No, you'll run away as soon as I let go of you. You've been avoiding me for days. I won't let you go until you tell me why." Rain's lips curled into a devilish smile. His amethyst ear studs reflected on the dim wall lamplight. He was so breathtaking that Annie could only stared blankly at him; her mouth dropped open but couldn't make any sound.

"Rain, I'm not avoiding you. I just need to get to the kitchen. Now sit here and wait for me, okay?" Annie tried to coax him. People always said that never to argue with a drunkard; just play along and repeat their words. So Annie kept telling Rain that she was not avoiding him at all.

"Great. Annie. You won't answer my question, will you?" Rain seemed like a laid-back and careless man, but he did have an imposing aura when he became serious.

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