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   Chapter 259 Are You Really My Grandma (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6121

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"Dad, you're hugging another woman!" shouted Justin.

They grumbled at the same time, the only difference was that Jonathan's voice was thick while Justin's voice was cute. They both looked angry. But their anger was so much alike.

"Oh! This must be my grandson Justin! Don't you look cute!" Cynthia exclaimed. When she entered the room, she only saw the tall and handsome Edward, who eclipsed little Justin in Jonathan's arms. As soon as she heard Justin's cute voice, she turned around and gazed at him attentively. She was too excited that she forgot that she was still in Edward's arms.

Edward wore a smug smile on his face. He looked at Jonathan who was staring at him. 'Huh! She is in my arms now! What can you do about it? She's your wife, that's true. But she's also my mother. She doesn't only belong to you, ' Edward thought.

"Justin, that's your grandma, " said Edward. He wore a triumphant smile. Jonathan was holding Justin now, so he didn't have extra hands to separate mother and son. He felt overjoyed.

"Ah! Grandma?" Justin was overwhelmed. He got dizzy and confused by the logic. Why was this young lady his grandma? 'Is it because that they got married at an early age, so they had my dad while they were still young?' Justin thought.

"Wow! Come here, Justin. Let me give you a hug." Cynthia left Edward's arms and walked towards Justin. She reached out and tried to take Justin from Jonathan. But she was stopped by Jonathan. He thought Cynthia must have been very tired after the travel. And Justin was such a heavy boy.

Justin felt helpless. He called out 'grandma' out of surprise. He didn't expect that it was taken as a greeting by them. His grandma was also a weird person. She would not be easy to deal with, Justin thought.

"Jonathan, what are you doing? Do you want to have him all to

ouch of excitement. He wondered when the military exercises would end. Seeing his parents show their affection to each other before his eyes, he missed her even more. Unnoticed by anyone, he walked away from the place full of joy and laughter. He wanted to be alone, but more than that he wanted Daisy there. He slowly went upstairs, looking lonely and gloomy.

Looking at Edward's figure disappear from the stairs, Jonathan frowned. Was it because he hadn't cared enough about Edward before? Edward looked so sad and alone. But he really didn't now how to care for Edward, because he gave all of his heart to Cynthia. If she had not insisted on having a child, he would not imagine another person in their world.

Looking at Cynthia and Justin who were having fun together, his cold heart was melted a little with the warmth of family. He knew that something was gradually changing in his heart. At least, for the first time, he felt he had neglected Edward before. Probably he was getting old, so when he enjoyed the sweet love with Cynthia, he also quite liked the warmth when all the people of this family were together. That was why he felt something when he looked at Edward's solitary figure on the stairway.

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