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   Chapter 258 Are You Really My Grandma (Part One)

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The evening sky was bathed in a colorful glow. The scorching heat on the street cooled, and the people were happier. Edward drove the car steadily, winding through the busy traffic during rush hour. He gently bit his bottom lip and smiled, as if mocking all the vehicles he left behind. His handsome appearance and carefree manner, seen from every angle were a feast to the eye. They were all desirable traits inherited from his parents. His inborn beauty was envied by many.

"Dad, that old man's last name is the same as mom's last name, Ouyang. That is Miss Mary's last name. Is there any connection there?" asked Justin. He tilted his head to the side and gazed at Edward's handsome face, lost in thought. Every time when he carefully examined Edward's face, he would heave a sigh. He didn't know whether it was a good thing for him to have such a handsome dad. He always attracted so many women. That made Justin a little worried.

"Yes! Miss Mary is the step daughter of your grandpa Ouyang, and your mother's half sister," said Edward with a sneer. The reason why Mary was not acknowledged by them was because Daisy left the family long ago. To put it more exactly, they had no connections since birth.

"Oh! Dad, isn't it terrible that mom was abandoned by her family? She only has her mother, and she's in heaven now." Speaking of this, Justin felt sad for his mom. He now realized that his mom was expelled from her family by her father. No wonder his mom often said to him he was the only person she treasured in her world, Justin thought.

"No, not terrible. We are here with her, aren't we? We are her family and we love her." Edward turned his head and looked at Justin's face. He was so cute and Edward couldn't help reaching out his hand to pinch his cheek.

"Yes! We are all

Justin was flabbergasted.

Edward nodded at Justin. But he didn't say anything to Jonathan. They didn't share any conversations. They were both cold and stubborn men who were reluctant to use words to express their feelings, even though they hadn't seen each other for years..

"Grandpa!" After Justin confirmed with Edward, he ran into his arms. Jonathan was overwhelmed and did not expect this. He mechanically opened his arms and held him. He was surprised that Justin was not afraid of him at all. But he reserved a glimmer of caution to him moments ago.

Edward was also a little surprised when Justin ran to hug Jonathan. It seemed he was not intimidated by Jonathan's cold demeanor. He watched them to see what would happen next. He was giddy with anticipation.

"My dear, I've missed you so much." A gentle voice could be heard, followed by a beautiful woman who ran into Edward's arms. This incident also startled Edward. He inadvertently opened his arms to hold her. The other two people in the room were irritated by this, and focused their attention on the two people hugging. Both observers had the same reaction.

"Get your hands off her. She is my wife," exclaimed Jonathan.

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