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   Chapter 257 Not His Daughter (Part Two)

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Leo felt awkward, then intentionally avoided eye contact with Justin. He made no comments on what Edward had said. Because he thought it was his fault that he approved of Daisy's leaving home although he didn't dismiss her.

"So you are Justin!" Now Leo understood why Edward mentioned the name "Justin" unceasingly on the day when they met at the Mochan Restaurant. He was Daisy's son! No wonder Edward thought he would have known Justin. And the odd thing was why Edward hadn't brought up the subject until now. Didn't Edward know that there was no connection between Daisy and him already?

"Yes. I am. But who are you? Should I know you?" Justin was good at acting cute. He was looking up at Leo with an innocent smile on his face. He thought that his mommy had a family before, but she was driven out. Then the man standing in front of him was even worse than Jessica.

"I……" Leo didn't know how to reply to Justin. Should he say that he was his grandpa? But he had cut relations with Daisy a long time ago, so he didn't know how to introduce himself at that moment.

"Justin, don't be rude. You can address him "Grandpa Ouyang"! Edward didn't want Justin to address Leo as grandpa. He was clear that Daisy wouldn't agree either. He remembered how angry Daisy was when he mentioned the Ouyang family before. He thought she might shoot him if he allowed Justin to address Leo as grandpa.

His heart became soft unconsciously when thinking of Daisy. How many days had it been since she left him? Including the day she left, it had been three days! But why did it feel like three years for him? It was true that "one day apart seems like years?"

"Nice to meet you, grandpa Ouyang!" Justin said reluctantly. He knew that, as Daisy's son, he must behave nicely in front of the people who drove his mommy away. Only this way could they know his mommy's charm.

"Good. Justin is a good boy!" Leo choked, not for Daisy, but for Justin, the little cute boy in front of h

like a riddle to him and he couldn't get the point. No matter how, he knew one fact: the grandpa in front of him was a man who treated his mommy bad. So he didn't like him at all.

"Um! bye-bye Justin! Edward, I'm taking off. Sorry that I bothered you, " Leo said politely, which meant that he didn't view Edward as a son-in-law and also suggested that there was no connection between his family with Daisy.

After watching Leo, tall and straight, walk outside the reception room, Edward slumped down on the couch slowly, with fear inside. He thought, 'If what Leo said is true that Daisy is not his daughter, I can't imagine what kind of pain Daisy has been suffering. It must be like stabbing the unhealed wound and then rubbing salt on it.'

"Daddy, are you all right?" Justin felt a little worried when seeing daddy's pale face, and then gently touched Edward's forehead with his little hand consciously.

"Oh! I'm fine. Let's go home!" Edward said with a soothing smile on his face. Then he pinched Justin's pink cheek and held his hand walking out of the reception area. He thought he might be frightening himself. As far as he knew about Daisy, he couldn't believe that her mother was an immoral and disloyal woman. If it were true, how could she raise a daughter like Daisy who had impeccable manners?

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