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   Chapter 256 Not His Daughter (Part One)

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"No. I'm just not quite used to seeing them yet." Edward said and smiled sadly. His parents were the exemplars of a happy marriage around the city. His father showed excessive fondness for his mother, but showed little love for him. Edward thought his father loved no one but his wife, not even Edward. He thought that the only reason he was in their lives was because of his mother, and he had gotten used to the thought already. He also thought he would be cool with it when he heard they were coming back. However in reality, he was overwhelmed and not ready yet.

"Daddy, don't be afraid. You still got me!" Justin felt bad when he saw the sad look on his daddy's face. He didn't know why his daddy looked like this, but he could tell his daddy was depressed. He had seen the same look on his mommy's face a lot before.

"Yeah! I still have you, my little pumpkin! Come on! Let's go home."

Edward put Justin down, with a warm smile on his handsome face. He decided to focus all his love, which his father had never given him, on his own son to make up for the loss and emptiness he had been through before.

"Are you going home now, Mr. Edward?" Anna asked Edward when she saw the two coming out, like she still had something to tell him.

"What's the matter, Anna?" Edward said with a deep frown. He knew this look. It meant there must be something he wasn't willing to deal with, but had to.

"Well, I came here to tell you that the president of Ouyang Foreign Trade is here. He is waiting at the reception room." Anna had become more cautious since she knew the president of Ouyang Foreign Trade was Edward's father-in-law. She tended to remain wary about telling Edward this, knowing that he didn't like the old man and it was always a test of endurance to meet with him.

"Oh! What is he doing here?" Edward didn't want to deal with him, because he had someone else at home to deal with already. He supposed his father would be waiting at the house to argue with him, because he didn't pick them up at the airport, which made his mother sad. So at this moment, he didn't have the energy to deal with Leo. If Leo came here for Daisy, that would be another story, but he didn't.


ignoring Edward's attempts to goad him. However, Daisy used to be the one that he loved with heart and soul. Finally, he figured out she was not his daughter, which floored him. He couldn't believe the report in his hands, couldn't accept the fact that his wife had cheated on him. Every time he saw Daisy, he felt deeply ashamed. Finally, he began to keep Daisy at arm's length, becoming increasingly distant with her.

"I think you can figure out whether she is good or not. You kicked her out of the house when she was but a little girl. Remember?" Edward became emotional as he spoke, and couldn't help clenching his fists.

"Ow! Let go! Daddy, you're hurting me." Justin frowned and thought the FX International Group would always bring him bad luck. Last time it was his mommy who had clenched his hand too tightly, and today it was his daddy. This made him feel miserable!

"Oh! Justin, I'm sorry. I got carried away. Show me your hand." Edward immediately let go of Justin's hand when he heard the scream of pain. With a panicked look, he took Justin's little hand and checked it carefully. Chagrin and heartache flooded up when he saw the red handprint on Justin's hand.

"It's okay, Daddy. The pain is gone now,"

Justin said while Edward was rubbing his little hand. Justin clutched Edward's hand to sooth his daddy's tension, and glared at Leo. He was good at observing and understanding, so he understood the conversation between his daddy and Leo.

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