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   Chapter 255 Is She A Military Officer (Part Two)

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Luke's mouth twitched. He could tell Jonathan was furious. He was worried that the villa might become a war zone that night. He hoped that a smart boy like Justin could take the pressure off and lighten the mood. Everyone knew that Jonathan loved his wife. He wouldn't put up with anyone who hurt his wife's feelings, even if it was his own son.

"Jonathan, can we do that? I heard that Daisy is back. I'm afraid that it will be inappropriate if we show up like that without notice." Cynthia Fu was apprehensive, because years ago, she had set up Edward and Daisy, and then left. Jonathan Mu didn't want to leave, but he acquiesced. However, things hadn't gone like she planned. Edward and Daisy parted later, which struck Cynthia Fu hard. After that, she decided to spend her time traveling the world with Jonathan. She thought it better to let nature take its own course. So now Edward and Daisy were back together, and her promise to Daisy's mother was finally fulfilled.

"Lady, Mrs. Mu is not in the villa these days. She has been away for the war games, " Luke said. If Daisy was at home, she would have asked Edward to pick his parents up from the airport. It was because she wasn't that Edward became so headstrong and childish.

"What? War games? You mean she is a military officer?" Jonathan Mu frowned. He had only a scant amount of knowledge about his daughter-in-law. Actually, he didn't have a strong impression of any other woman except his wife.

"Yes, master. Mrs. Mu is a colonel at the military base, " Luke answered. He respected Jonathan very much. It wasn't because he was an elder but because of his overwhelming bearing.

"Luke, don't ever call me master again! Address me as either Dad or Jonathan. Otherwise, you'll regret it." Jonathan squinted his eye

stin giggled. They played for a long while before they stopped.

"Justin, your grandparents came home from abroad today." Edward held Justin tightly and sighed.

"My grandparents? Why have I never met them?" Justin got out of Edward's arms and looked at him curiously. He didn't even know that he had grandparents. When he and his Mom were living in the residential quarters of the military base, he had tried everything to know who his Dad was. Maybe Daisy didn't feel it was her place to say anything about his grandparents.

"Ow, I barely see them myself. I think they're coming home to see you." Edward felt sad while he talked about it. He didn't think his parents had changed their plans for him, so they must have heard from Lloyd that they had a lovely grandson, and hence cancelled their travel plans so they could see Justin.

"Daddy, aren't you happy that Grandma and Grandpa are home? Why do you seem so worried?" Justin was confused. His grandparents were his father's parents. Since he was always happy to see his Dad and Mom, he wondered why his Dad wasn't glad to see his own parents like him. 'Doesn't Dad want to see them? Is he afraid of something? If so, what?'

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