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   Chapter 254 Is She A Military Officer (Part One)

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The hustling and bustling international airport was busy as always. The person at the PA system was announcing arrival and departure times and going over rules in a sweet voice. Luke was worried. 'Will the master and the lady be disappointed to see that Edward doesn't come to pick them up?' he thought. He had come to the Mu's residence at an early age. To protect Edward, he had absorbed knowledge of diverse fields. The senior Mr. Mu and the lady regarded him as their godson, so Luke thought of himself as a member of the Mu family rather than merely a bodyguard.

Years ago, on a cold winter evening, he had been near frozen and hungry. As an orphan, he had nowhere to go, but curled up at the corner of a building to protect himself from the cold. The structure would stop some of the chill winds from reaching the boy. A limo stopped in front of him. An elegant, attractive woman stepped out. She was so radiant that little Luke didn't dare to meet her gaze.

"Kid, do you want to go home with me?" she asked. Her soft voice warmed little Luke up. He nodded and followed her into the limo. Inside, he was too nervous to know where to put his hands.

"Relax. My son's your age. Would you like to protect him when you grow up?" she said tenderly with a smile. As a little boy, Luke hadn't been able to understand what she meant by protecting, but he said yes. Then he entered the prosperous family and started his new life.

The master and the lady were kind to Luke. Yet he'd seldom seen the boy that he was to protect. He wasn't assigned to be at Edward's side until the master and the lady thought he was capable enough. At first, Luke thought the boy would be a difficult one. But later he found him handsome, refined, and elegant. Luke was 15 years old that year, but he already defined his sole purpose in life -- protecting the boy whose family had taken him in.

Edward didn't like Luke


"You're saying all sweet nothings. I don't want to talk with you anymore. Luke, where are Edward and Justin? Why aren't they here?" Cynthia asked, still blushing at Jonathan's honeyed words. She looked around as if to cover the embarrassment. She and Jonathan had heard about Justin earlier from Lloyd, but hadn't been able to make the time to come back to see him until now.

"Lady, Mr. Mu took Justin to the office with him this morning," Luke answered hesitantly. He knew that Edward was still mad at his parents and had deliberately chosen to go to the office instead of coming to the airport. He thought sometimes Edward had an almost childlike stubbornness. Like today, he had been behaving rather immaturely.

"Oh, they didn't come." Cynthia's beautiful face went gloomy. She knew immediately that Edward hadn't forgiven them. They hadn't seen each other for many years, yet he still didn't want to see them now. Cynthia thought they must have hurt Edward deeply.

"Humph! Let's go. Ignore him. He doesn't want to see us? Then we won't go to the house today. Let's go to his villa instead. I'd like to see how long he can avoid us!" Jonathan Mu said angrily. 'How dare he make my woman sad? Just wait. I'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget.'

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