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   Chapter 253 More Harm Than Good (Part Three)

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"Yes! 'The new-born calf makes sport of the tiger.' We need to redeploy carefully, " the other solders agreed with Daisy. Their ranks were lower than Daisy's, so they followed her orders this time. But they also knew she was good at this. No one questioned, no one complained.

"Okay! It seems that we have to take an unusual path today. Come on! We'll make an even better plan, and see how the Major General can surprise us, " said Daisy with a sneer. She looked at the enemies aggressively.

While the military exercise was in full swing, the media in S City was heated. They all focused their attention on the press conference held by FX International Group. The event happening now caused a scene. Two years ago, the FX International Group terminated the contract with a popular female star, and this was a similar case. But this time, the star was the A-lister of FX entertainment company -- Coco. That's why it had caused such a sensation.

The public thought that Coco was the victim of the sex scandal. But it turned out that everything was planned by her. She did this to get more attention from the public. She didn't expect that Clint denied it by claiming that he was gay and there was no sex scandal at all. He also claimed that all the fuss was created by Coco and he was set up. So everything shifted dramatically. The people who had felt sympathy for Coco now looked at her with disdain. The citizens talked trash about Coco on every street corner.

Edward stared nonchalantly at the screen. He had a mischievous smile when he saw the sensation his company had caused. 'If she didn't annoy me by starti

f her mind. She slipped onto the ground. Her thoughts were heavy with grief. 'I now realize that people can't be too greedy. We should learn to be satisfied with what we already have. We can avoid making mistakes that way, and falling down. We'll get more harm than good in the end, getting nothing but shame and losing everything, ' Coco thought.

"Sorry, Coco. It's all my fault." apologized Jessica, tears running down her cheeks. Her father just woke up in the hospital. The stock of Lin Group kept plummeting. And together with the matter of Coco, everything was weighing down on her. She was overwhelmed. 'It's all because of that damn woman -- Daisy, who caused everything. Otherwise Edward would not be angry with me. So Daisy, you must pay for this, ' thought Jessica.

Clever people would constantly reflect on their past mistakes, only stupid people blamed their faults on others. Jessica belonged to the latter. That was also the reason why she would continue to make bigger mistakes in the future. She was on a downward spiral, with nowhere to go but further down.

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