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   Chapter 252 More Harm Than Good (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5721

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"Dad, there was a woman outside who claimed she's pregnant with your kid, is it true?" Justin spat out his question quickly. 'He asked for it,' he thought. 'If he admits it, I will stop calling him dad and pack up and go back to the military base. He can live with that tramp. Mom and I will not love a guy like that.' Justin thought.

"Who are you talking about?" Edward asked doubtfully. He didn't realize that the woman mentioned by Justin was Jessica.

"Her name is Jessica, that evil hag! Don't tell me that you don't know her. She said she is pregnant with your child. So this is what you've been hiding all along. You cheated on us," said Justin with grief choking him. He felt very sad. 'I've tried so hard to bring my mom and dad together. But why did this woman suddenly appear? I drove her away long ago!' Justin thought.

"Haha!" Rain couldn't help but laugh. The little boy was mature beyond his age. He knew so many things. 'Does he know what cheating on someone means? He surely didn't think before he said this,' Rain thought.

"What? Did you see her?" asked Edward with a frown. He didn't plan to let Justin know about this. It was not a good thing -- he didn't want to hear that Jessica had said anything to his kid. Everything was not going according to plan. He couldn't put all the pieces in the right place perfectly. Now he hurt both of the people he loved most.

"Dad, so it's real? Then I won't forgive you. And mom will leave you," Justin said, staring angrily at the handsome man sitting in the chair. His face was full of sadness, and tears ran down his cheeks.

"No. I only have you and your mom. Other women or their children have nothing to do with me," said Edward w

k. She felt very excited now. At this moment, there was no Edward or Justin on her mind. The military exercise occupied all her thoughts. This was the only place where she felt she belonged. She always enjoyed military exercises which required extra wisdom to deal with unexpected situations. Because only in this case could she totally forget the man she deeply loved. Then she wouldn't feel heartbroken.

"Colonel, you see? It works. But the enemy changes their strategy accordingly," the technicians said and looked at Daisy again. They felt that the enemy seemed to know their plan and they were constantly changing their strategies. Now they felt they were on the receiving end of the play. They marveled at the great wisdom showed by the enemy's commander.

"Oh! Really! The Major General has apparently put a lot of hard work into this military exercise," said Daisy. She felt more excited now. There was a playful smile on her face, which was rare to see. The stronger the enemy was, the more likely it was to bring out the best in her. So she decided to take on the challenge. But she was not sure whether or not this would work.

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