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   Chapter 251 More Harm Than Good (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5674

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"You guys go upstairs. I'm headed out to handle some things, " said Luke with a cold expression. There was no smile on his face. But when he looked at Justin his eyes became soft, which didn't match his cold demeanor.

"Justin, ignore that guy. He always has that look, like someone has stolen his girlfriend. Let's go!" said Rain, raising his eyebrows at Luke. He turned around and walked towards the entrance of FX International Group. He hated Luke's cold demeanor the most. He had never seen him smile and felt that he was even colder than Mr. Cold.

Luke pursed his lips and thought, 'Damn Rain, I don't even have a girlfriend, how can anyone steal a girlfriend from me? Did he think everyone is just like him, having tons of girlfriends? I can't stand his exaggeration. It's so absurd.'

"Uncle Rain, you have it wrong. Uncle Luke doesn't have a girlfriend to be stolen, but you do, " said Justin mischievously. He pretended to be a innocent boy and did naughty things under the guise of his naive appearance.

"Don't be fooled by him. The more silent he is, the more things he has to hide. Do you really think he'd tell anyone if he has a girlfriend? Don't be silly. He has a lot of affairs!" said Rain. He was absolutely speaking at random and talking nonsense about Luke. He even didn't think before he began to slander Luke. Luke was already in the car, he suddenly felt his ears itch. 'Someone is cursing me, I guess, ' Luke thought.

"Haha! Uncle Rain, if Uncle Luke knows that you said that about him, he'd probably pound you, " said Justin. He certainly knew what Luke was like. He was much like his mother, who always used force to solve everything, whoever the object might be

they just ignored me!' Edward thought.

"Huh! Edward. I'm so sorry. I haven't slept well recently. So I feel very dizzy and can't see things very clearly. I really didn't notice that you are here, " said Rain. 'Okay! I admit that I was doing this to you on purpose. You gave me too much work yesterday. You asked me to monopolize all the construction business of Lin Group in a day. Do you think I'm Superman? Don't you know that it's not a small company, but a listed enterprise? Have you ever considered whether I could accomplish the task by myself in such a short time?' Rain thought.

Edward pursed his lips, his face darkened. He had never known anyone trying so hard to justify bad behaviors in his presence. These two were so shameless! One was his son who he loved very much, and the other was his subordinate who was spoiled by him. No matter what he said, it sounded like that he was the one to blame for this.

"Okay! Fine. Blurt it out! What are you playing at?" asked Edward. He knew there must be a reason why they teased him. He must have done something that offended them, so they bore a grudge against him.

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