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   Chapter 250 But I'm Not Him (Part Two)

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"So if you're not a bastard, what are you? Your mother secretly gave birth to you before she was able to live with your father. Your mother is nothing but a common girl. How could she possibly be involved with Edward? In that case, who knows who your real father is? I bet it's not Edward." Jessica was so pissed off that she completely forgot Edward's warning. She turned all her rage into insulting Justin and his mother.

"You're wicked! Don't talk about my mommy like that! You are the shameless and disgraceful one, not my mommy! I'll make you regret it if you say one more word about my mommy!" Justin clenched his little fists in rage, his eyes filled with anger. He could stand it when people spoke ill of him, but he would never tolerate it when people insulted his mother. Though he was just a little boy, he was quite a good fighter; and he would fight for his mother's reputation.

"Are you threatening me, you little bastard? What can you do to me? Filthy bastard delivered by your slut mother! You're just a tool that your mother uses to get access to Edward!" Screaming hysterically with her finger pointing at Justin, Jessica was desperate. How come Edward adored this brat and didn't even claim the one inside her?

"Have your own child and then argue with me! Oh, I forgot. You'll never have the chance." Justin said it between his gritted teeth, trying to calm himself down. He couldn't care less about Jessica; she was dead to him when she insulted his mother like that. The only reason that he hadn't attacked her was because she was an elder, and it would be his fault if something happened.

"Haha! Sorry to disappoint you. But I'm actually carrying your father's child now." Jessica smirked while gently stroking her belly. Score 1 for Jessica!

"No, you're lying! I don't believe you! You can't have my daddy's child. You're only saying that to make me angry!" Justin cried out loudly; he dashed forward, grabbed Jessica's hand and shook it violently. It couldn't be true! His daddy only belonged to him and his mommy. He didn't want any sibling

pilled from his mouth made Jessica want to slap him.

"Uncle Rain is right. You should go to the doctor before it's too late." Justin added sincerely with an innocent and sweet smile.

Jessica clenched her fists so tight that the blue veins of her arms popped up. She came all the way to the FX International Group, but all Edward gave her was heartbreak. And now this?

"I'll make you pay for what you said. Just wait and see!" Jessica glared at them again before leaving. The dress and high heels made her look like a whore rather than a pregnant woman.

"I'll wait. Do you need a ride to the doctor's?" Jessica almost fell as she heard Justin's words. She paused for a moment to calm herself before getting into her car and driving away.

"You're being evil again, little boy." Rain gently touched Justin's nose and smiled dotingly.

"Uncle Rain, where have you been?" Justin beamed at Rain. They had just teamed up and driven away an appalling woman. That was something worth celebrating.

"Well, Where I was had something to do with that woman. Come on. Let's go upstairs. It's roasting out here." Rain had no interest in standing in the burning sunlight.

"Okay. How about you, Uncle Luke? Are you going out? Or going up with us?" Justin asked politely. He didn't forget that Luke stood up for him earlier. So he put on his best manners and his sweetest smile.

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