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   Chapter 249 But I'm Not Him (Part One)

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Edward furrowed his brows upon seeing Jessica stagger out of his office. They had been together for many years; He wouldn't be so cruel to her if she didn't keep pushing her luck. He had to end it violently.

He kept silent for a while and paged his assistant. "Anna, come to my office, please." His voice was cool as usual.

Edward thought it was time to put an end on what Coco had started; otherwise Jessica might get the wrong idea and kept bothering him. While she was stuck with the mess of the Lin Group, he must make the first move to get things under his control again -- before something unexpected came up.

"Mr. Mu." With a confused look, Anna knocked on the door and shuffled in. She saw Jessica leave just now, and she wondered what had happened in the office earlier between Jessica and Edward. Jessica seemed happy when she came into his office, but devastated when she left.

"Here's the thing. Anna, have our entertainment company deal with Coco's scandal perfectly; I want to see the press release before tomorrow. And fire her afterwards. If she is shameless enough to ask for compensation, give her the number as per the contract. FX International Group doesn't need troublemakers like her. Famous actress? We can cultivate another one if we like. There are dozens of talented girls out there who know how to behave themselves."

Playing casually with his pen, Edward sneered and gave Anna his order. If Coco wanted to play games with him, he would happily play along -- by his rules. No one would sign someone who had been fired by the FX International Group. Coco was totally screwed this time.

"Copy that. I'll arrange it at once." Anna sighed inwardly. She felt a little sorry for Coco. She was done in the industry. She was the second one being fired by Edward in a rage. The first one was also a famous star and she dared to drug Edward. Anna only hoped Coco would be luckier than the last one, who was now a prostitute at some club.

"Thank you Anna. You may go." Edward seldom attended any of the press conferences. He wouldn't need the manager of his entertainment company if he had to handle the press himself. Edw

enched her fists and glared at him. Were it not for this little bastard, Edward would love her child! Would things be different if this bastard was gone?

"What are you doing here, old lady? Here to see my daddy? He doesn't want to see you. Forget that already?" Justin remembered Jessica, the woman who stayed by Edward's side for a long while. How could he ever forget such a woman?

"Little boy, where are your manners? Is that how you address your elders?" Jessica held back because Justin was Edward's son. But she wouldn't just swallow her pride and go away since Justin had thrown the first punch.

"I'm polite when I have to be. My manners are for those who I respect, not for you. You are not worthy." Hands folded, Justin looked up at her and sneered. He looked exactly like a younger version of Edward.

"What did you just say? You filthy little bastard! Let's see how long you can smile after I have this baby." Jessica was pissed off. Edward had been repeating that she's not worthy; and his son said the same thing. She didn't dare to show her fury in front of Edward, but she wouldn't take this mockery from a little brat.

"Where are your manners? I'm not a bastard. I have a daddy and a mommy. Please show some respect, in case the same thing happens to your child someday." Justin hated it most when people called him 'bastard'. He was so eager to fight back that he ignored the hint lying in Jessica's words.

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