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   Chapter 248 Do You Think You're Worthy Of Meeting Her

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"Is that Daisy's family?" Tom asked curiously as soon as they walked out of the restaurant. If they were Daisy's family, why was Mary Ouyang so interested in Edward?

"Not really. Don't bother yourself with them. I'm going back to the office. Enjoy yourself, " Edward said. Edward didn't regard them as Daisy's family. No family would shamelessly defend their disgusting behavior. No family would covet the other's husband.

"Alright. Take your leave. I'm going back to the hospital, " said Tom. He knew that if Edward didn't want to talk about it, it was pointless to keep asking him, so he stopped. He never liked gossip anyway.

Edward waved at him, then got into the car without saying a word. There were more pressing matters for him to deal with recently, and they were tiring. He was relieved that Jessica's child wasn't his, but she still kept pestering him. He had to find a way to resolve this.

Speak of the devil and he will appear. When Edward returned to the company, he found Jessica waiting outside his office.

"What are you doing here?" Edward demanded. The sight of Jessica irritated him. If not for her, there wouldn't be any misunderstanding between him and Daisy. He was surprised by the audacity of this woman to show her face to him again! Did she think that he still had feelings for her?

"Edward, thank you for sparing our company. I knew you wouldn't do this to me and our child, " Jessica said, intentionally touching her stomach with a sweet smile. She got lost in the fantasy of a future life with Edward.

"Jessica, do you really believe that? Have you ever thought that it is all part of my scheme?" Edward asked with a sneer. He strode past her and went straight into his office.

"You're not serious. I know you won't do this, because the FX International Group will never plot to harm another company. Besides, we have a special relationship. There's no reason for you to do it." Jessica was quite confident that Edward wouldn't do harm to her company. She had leverage against him, the baby she was carrying.

"Yes, I don't have any reason. I won't go to that extent because of you. I won't even bother to do it myself, I'll just sit back and enjoy the show, " Edward said with a wicked smile. It was very difficult to tell if he meant it, or if he was just playing around. But his words immediately made Jessica's face turn pale.

"Are you the one behind what's been happening to the Lin Group? But why would you do this?" Jessica asked anxiously. She held on to the table to keep herself upright. Edward's harsh words broke her heart. She felt as if the broken pieces of her heart had shattered into even smaller pieces. Edward had absolutely no sympathy for her. He ruthlessly ignored all her pain

." As soon as he spoke, Edward's hands were clamped tightly around Jessica's neck. His eyes glared furiously at her face, which was turning purple from the lack of oxygen. Jessica stared at Edward in horror. He looked like a devil, and his fury made her feel like she was in hell.

"Ah..." Jessica gasped, her hands struggling to remove his fingers. This was the second time that she had felt so close to death. Edward's actions made her realize that she was only an ant to him. His grip might send her to death without mercy.

"For the last time, she's not like the women you've trifled with before, the women you tricked or forced into leaving me. She's the only woman I've ever loved in my whole life. Before you insult her, you should ask for my permission first." Edward released her neck, looking at her falling figure with disgust. Although he had lost his temper, he didn't forget that she was still pregnant. He released her carefully to prevent her from abruptly falling down.

Gasping for air, Jessica felt that she had returned from the hell. But Edward's ruthlessness awakened all the anger in her heart. 'Since you care so much about Daisy, I swear to destroy her. Let's see if you can still love her after that!' Jessica thought grimly.

"Get out of my sight and don't ever show yourself to me again. Unless you want the Lin Group to lose more than business in construction, keep that in mind." Edward didn't even glance at Jessica as he spoke. He didn't want to be constantly bothered by a woman he didn't love. The best solution was to have her give up on him completely.

Jessica remained silent. She narrowed her hollow eyes at Edward, the man she had loved but never belonged to her. She resolved to get revenge on him and make him regret all the pain he had caused her. Jessica wouldn't give up easily.

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