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   Chapter 247 The First Encounter (Part Two)

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"Really? Mrs. Ouyang, it seems that I've underestimated your ability to make things up. You're completely distorting the facts. I did mess around before, but I have never tried to absolve myself of my actions. I also give Daisy absolute freedom, so I don't accept your charges."

Edward smiled coldly. He admitted that he used to indulge in debauchery, but he would pay for his past mistakes. He never thought of escaping responsibility and covering up his past. He had never been that kind of man.

"Edward, my mother didn't mean it like that. Please don't be angry." Not expecting the scene to turn ugly so quickly, Mary swiftly jumped in to calm things down. She was also annoyed with her mother. She was supposed to be helping her! Why did she complicate things and get into a fight with Edward?

Edward scoffed, "Angry? Because of you? If I don't know the truth, I may sympathize with you a bit. But I know everything, and you're just a couple of nobodies to me. Do you think I would waste my sparse emotions on someone so inconsequential?" Edward looked at the two women in disgust. If he hadn't been raised well, he would've slapped Yakira several times already. Good upbringing made him restrain his anger.

"Mary, why are you still here?" Yakira was feeling confident about keeping a hold on Edward, but his words made her falter and give up the fantasy. She vented her frustrations on Mary. There was no longer a need to stay and keep arguing. She didn't need Edward; there was no shortage of excellent men in the world.

"Mom, what are you doing? I haven't finished talking to Edward." Mary was infuriated by Yakira's outrageous remarks. If Yakira hadn't been so aggressive and hadn't brought up Edward

akira had coddled Mary for many years in fear that she wouldn't be loved by Leo Ouyang. This was the reason she schemed to drive Daisy away. Mary's ungratefulness saddened her.

"Mom, I didn't mean it like that. You know how much I like Edward! Why did you have to be contentious towards him? I have spent a lot of time to finally get close to him, but you ruined everything!" Mary couldn't help complaining to her mother in distress. She didn't know how to explain how important Edward was to her. Without him, Mary didn't want to live any longer. She must have him by any means necessary.

"Let's go! We'll talk about this when we get home." Yakira noticed that a lot of people had stopped to stare at them. She couldn't let herself be embarrassed any further in front of so many people. They had to leave as soon as possible.

Mary realized that she was making a scene. At Yakira's words, she noticed the inquisitive looks from the others. Despite her anger, she had to restrain it. She stomped her feet in exasperation and followed Yakira out of the restaurant. After they left, the restaurant went back to its original quiet ambiance.

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