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   Chapter 246 The First Encounter (Part One)

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"Edward, don't listen to Daisy's nonsense. She's ruthless. Back then, she was the one who did everything to leave the Ouyang family. We had nothing to do with it." Seeing that Edward cared for Daisy a lot, Mary was quite unhappy. She didn't find anything wrong with what she said.

"Miss Ouyang, according to you, my wife is the one to blame. But who had been treating her like a servant for so long? I don't think I need to remind you of that! What do you say, Mrs. Ouyang?" Edward intentionally prolonged the "Mrs. Ouyang" at the end of his question. Judging from Mary's past actions, he didn't think that she was smart enough to undermine Daisy. The most probable suspect would be Mrs. Ouyang who was sitting before him.

"Mr. Mu, what's that supposed to mean? When did we ever treat her like a servant? We raised her in an excellent environment and sent her abroad to study. Can you imagine a servant enjoying these privileges?" Yakira's face turned cold and dark. In the face of Edward's accusations, she became a little agitated. She didn't care that Edward was the object of Mary's affections and started to argue with him.

Edward chuckled darkly. "Mrs. Ouyang, if letting her sleep in the servant's quarters and having her toil harder than the servants made up your so-called excellent environment, then how do you explain that she only got to study abroad after she acquiesced to being kicked out of the Ouyang family? Don't tell me that didn't happen. If I haven't done my investigation, I wouldn't be making these accusations."

Following Edward's humourless laughter, the atmosphere became more oppressive. In that moment, he realized how manipulative the pair was. They knew how to blame their heinous acts on someone else.

"Mr. Mu, don't you think you're going a little too far? I don't think I ever mistre

im, so he flew into rage and called her "a nympho" before quickly walking away.

Edward never remembered this moment until today. But everything came back to him just now. He finally understood what Belinda meant when she told him that Daisy chose to go to military school because of what he said. Apparently, he mistook the other Miss Ouyang for a servant in the Ouyang household.

He was surprised that his fate had long intertwined with Daisy's. It was as if they were destined to be together. He never remembered that evening until now, but recalling Daisy's aggrieved face in his memory made his heart ache.

"Mr. Mu, I think you must've remembered it wrong. Daisy has always been the precious jewel of the Ouyang family. She only severed her ties with us after she married you. I want to ask if Mr. Mu has blocked us from contacting her in any way. Do you deliberately separate Daisy from the Ouyang family? So you can enjoy other women's company?"

Yakira was an expert in deflecting accusations and turning the tables when her enemies got the upper hand. 'If Edward Mu wants to get justice for that little bitch, I'll let him have it. Let's see who's truly the guilty one here!' She thought furiously.

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