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   Chapter 245 My Wife And Justin's Mother (Part Two)

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"Mother, you might want to have some tea. I'm afraid you're embarrassing Mr. Qin too much with your questions." Mary wanted to disappear at this moment. What's wrong with her mother? She was supposed to please Edward, not some nobody like Tom!

"I'm sorry, Mr. Qin. I hope you don't mind. This is typical of my mother. She's interested in everything." Yakira stopped trying to chat with Tom as her daughter wished. There was no need for it anymore, since she already got what she wanted.

"That's alright." In truth, seeing Yakira's heavily-clad face up close made Tom lose his appetite. He wouldn't have come here if he had known that Yakira would be present.

"Edward, can I go to your company tomorrow? I still have a lot to learn." Mary looked at Edward beseechingly. The more Mary got to know him, the more she fell for him. Edward was like a god to her, someone she had set as her life's ultimate goal.

"You're already familiar with all of my company's business. I don't think there's any more for you to learn." Edward said with a frown. Although he was getting irritated, he didn't show it.

"Mr. Mu. I really hate to bother you. But Mary is a little bit silly, she needs more time to learn everything. It would be nice if you could give her a chance. Yakira hurried to say as soon as she heard Edward's rejection. She knew that Mary couldn't handle the situation and would lose her chance.

"Silly? I don't think so. She's pretty brilliant in some ways." Edward said with a cold smile. Could a silly person rob someone of biological father? Could a silly person drive someone out of home? But compared to her calculating mother, you could describe Mary as someone silly.

"Edward, thank you. It's so nice of you to say so." Mary completely missed the sarcasm in Edward's words. She was ecstatic to hear Edward's praise.

Tom spat out some red wine when he heard Mary's response. He couldn't help his laughter. Luckily, he didn't sp

e thinks we're beneath her, the well-known Mrs. Mu. And she wants to break things off with her family."

Yakira said with a heavy sigh, as if the thought of Daisy looking down on them depressed her a lot.

"Mrs. Ouyang, do you really see Daisy as your daughter? I was told that you drove her out of her home. It doesn't seem like she has any family left." Edward didn't plan on losing his temper. But he couldn't help bursting into anger at Yakira's words.

"How could I? You have no idea how much her father misses her. He always talks about her. We haven't heard from her since she got married. We worry about her a lot." Yakira was unhappy to see Edward standing up for Daisy. She heard that Edward didn't like his wife at all. Why was he defending Daisy? Did she get the wrong information?

"You're worried about her? That's funny. I've seen Mr. Ouyang a lot of times, and he never mentioned my wife. How could you say that he misses her a lot? Would a father treat his beloved daughter that way?" Edward said harshly. The pleasant afternoon had been completely ruined by the intrusion of this calculating mother and her silly daughter.

Yakira was at a loss for words at Edward's accusation. Since she wasn't present when Edward met her husband, she didn't know how to stand up for him.

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