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   Chapter 244 My Wife And Justin's Mother (Part One)

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It was past 12 o'clock when Edward arrived at the Mochan Restaurant, which confirmed the well-known fact that Mr. Mu was never punctual. Tom was so angry with his tardiness, that he wanted to punch him in the nose. That way, Edward would no longer have his good looks.

"You know, sometimes I feel sorry for you." Because the lunch was just for him and Edward, Tom chose a table at the corner of the restaurant instead of a VIP room. He shook his head as Edward walked in and many women stared at him hungrily. He didn't understand why he was so popular among women. If Edward was a queen, he didn't know how many kings would give up their kingdoms for Edward.

"No, I don't think so. You're just jealous of me." Edward lifted one of his eyebrows and to Tom's disgust, he sat down dramatically. Edward was so narcissistic, he shamelessly showed off his charm. How could he accuse Rain of being full of himself? He was just like Rain!

"Wow, could you keep a low profile? That old woman over there keeps staring at you. Do you know her?" With a wicked smile, Tom nodded towards an old woman who was dolling herself up a few tables away.

"Who?" Edward asked, looking in the direction Tom nodded towards. "I don't know her." Edward was picky with his friends, so he definitely wouldn't know such a vulgar woman.

"No way! Are you sure? Maybe she's one of your flings' mother. Otherwise, why has she been looking at you since you walked in?"

"Wow! I didn't expect you to be such a careful observer. Why did you isolate yourself in the laboratory for such a long time? Did you develop some weird hobbies like observing old women?" Edward asked with a smirk, lifting one of his eyebrows.

"Screw you! I don't have any weird hobbies! Do you want a good kick? I'm just keeping eyes at her for you." Tom said as he rolled his eyes. How could he be interested in such an old and vulgar woman?

"No, I don't want women so badly that I'd be interested in her." Edward really wanted to give Tom a good kick. He should've punched him harder this morning. Speaking of which, how did the punch not leave a bruise? What medicine did he use? He should get some from him one day.

"Haven't you always been interested in women? Why chang

Tom." Tom didn't know Yakira either. He followed Edward's lead and called her "Mrs. Ouyang." Mrs. Ouyang was a real eyesore. He wanted to run away at the sight of her face filled with heavy make-up.

"Oh! You must be Mr. Qin! I heard that you're quite a talented doctor." Yakira knew all about the upper class families of S City. She kept tabs on all of them, so that she could find a perfect husband for her beloved daughter.

"I'm not sure if I'm the person you're thinking of. Although I'm indeed a doctor, I'm far from talented." Tom never felt that he had talent. He was just interested in researching. He neither needed nor liked getting compliments.

"Oh, it's definitely you! I didn't expect you to be such a gentleman. I wonder which girl is lucky enough to be your girlfriend." Yakira focused on Tom, ignoring Edward on purpose. It was one of her tactics, the cat and mouse game. She knew it would irritate Edward to ignore him too much. Yakira wasn't really interested to know if Tom was single. She only did it to confuse them about her target.

"That's very nice of you to say that. Thank you, Mrs. Ouyang." Tom was upset to be the focus of Mrs. Ouyang's attention. This was none of his business! He didn't know her at all. Why did she have to chat with him? Shouldn't Edward be her target? Tom had to talk to her out of courtesy. He turned to Edward, hinting at him to come to his aid. But Edward didn't seem to understand and continued drinking his tea peacefully.

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