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   Chapter 243 The Maple Night

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"You wish! If I can't have it, why would I take time to develop it?" Tom complained. Meanwhile, he carefully checked his bruised face. The more he looked at it, the angrier he got. If Edward knew that Tom still had ointment in his drawer, he would definitely steal it for Daisy. He better keep quiet if he wanted to keep it for himself.

"Something's wrong. Jerry, you're keeping something! It's not like you to be so calm." Edward said doubtfully. Peering at Tom inquisitively, he could sense that something was wrong with him.

"I don't know what you're talking about. You have everything in your pocket. I have nothing left in the office." Tom replied. Immediately, he wanted to slap himself. He was trying to cover things up, but he only made it more conspicuous. He just foolishly shot himself in the foot.

"It sounds like you still have some with you. No wonder you're suddenly so generous. You're hiding something!" Edward accused. He wasn't greedy enough to take it away from Tom. He was trying to frighten him in retaliation for tricking him.

"No, developing the ointment isn't easy! Besides, I can't count on it to make a living. I don't need more ointment. And by the way, aren't you busy?" Tom asked. He was obviously hinting for him to leave. If Edward stayed any longer, he would leave nothing for Tom.

"No. To repay your generosity, how about I buy you lunch?" Edward suggested. Tom really wanted to punch the pleased look off Edward's face. Generosity? Edward coerced it out of him!

"Alright. Only idiots would refuse a free meal." Tom replied. Tom wasn't an idiot. He would have Edward pay him back, or he wouldn't get over it.

"Well, I'll see you at the Mochan Restaurant at noon. Catch you later." Edward smiled. Edward behaved like he wanted to get a dressing down. Now, Tom really wanted to give him a good beating.

"Piss off! See you later." Tom replied unhappily. He was going to apply the ointment on his face as soon as Edward left. He didn't want his face to be ruined.

Edward was in good mood. He finally got the answer to the problem that had haunted him for a long time. It was worth celebrating.

With a smile, Edward drove his sleek luxury Lamborghini through the streets of S

rap and fell in love with Daisy.

The room brought back memories of that night. He remembered Daisy's panicked expression. She must've been miserable at that time. In front of her stood the man she had loved deeply for many years. But every single word he said was a deep cut to her heart. Unable to defend herself, she could only endure his rage in silence.

Edward felt distressed at the thought. Daisy was such a fool. Even if he said those horrible things to her, she shouldn't have left on her own. He never told her to leave. If she loved him, why didn't she seize every opportunity to stay with him? Living alone must've been very hard for her. Why did she do that? If Daisy had stayed, would he fall in love with her earlier? Edward wasn't certain. And it would be very difficult to fall in love with her because he was so rebellious at the time.

He sighed. There was no sign of her in this room, and he missed her terribly. His longing grew every second. He wanted to hear her voice, hug her tight, and sleep with her this very moment. But that wasn't gonna happen. Daisy told him last night that she couldn't contact anyone in the upcoming week. He couldn't complain about it. After all, Daisy had waited a long time for him.

In the past, a week flew by quickly. But now, a week seemed like a year. Perhaps it's because he was in love with her now. Edward had never missed anyone like this. He finally understood that missing someone could be both bitter and sweet.

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