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   Chapter 242 Indulging In Her Illusion (Part Three)

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"Yes, I'm sure. Are you doubting me?" Tom sighed again. He looked away, and tried to suppress his urge to burst into laughter; In Edward's eyes, it looked like Tom was feeling bad to tell him the truth. That was it. Everything was going offtrack, and none of it went as they had expected.

"No, I completely believe you, and that's why I'm done for." Edward got off the operation table with a sort of dreamy look on his face. He stared blankly at the floor and silently moved his lips. He still looked handsome, even with the devastating look on his face.

"Here you are. Have a look at it for yourself." Tom then shoved the report to Edward and hastily left the room with a gloating smile drawn all over his face. Because he knew what would happen after Edward read the report. He had to walk fast to his office to lock himself in it before Edward found out the truth and wanted to strangle him. A few seconds later, when he heard Edward's raging growl, Tom dashed towards his office and tried to lock the door behind him, but Edward caught up with him before he could have the chance.

"God damn you Jerry! You'd better have a really good reason for this, or I swear to God I'll kill you right in this moment!" Edward crumpled up the report and glared at Tom with raging eyes, as if he were about to skin him alive on the spot. He was ready to throw his fists at Tom any second. He had really believed Tom, and he was in his peak of desperation earlier.

"Well... Relax! It was just a joke! You looked so desperate and frightened earlier. Look at you now! How lively you are! Don't you feel better now that you know that it can't be your child?" Tom

body language showed that if Tom dared to say anything or tried to stop him, he would immediately knock him to the floor.

"Are you threatening me? Come on man, it was just a joke! Please give the ointment back. It took me ages to make that small amount." Tom was about to burst into tears. What was wrong with him? Why did he decide to trick the demon in the first place?

"You can make some more. I'll keep this for Daisy, and don't forget that you're welcome to give me some more of it when you're done." Edward was satisfied. It wasn't easy to take something from Tom, especially something so valuable.

"Some more? Will you pay?" Tom sighed deeply. It seemed that he had to say goodbye to his secret stash. He didn't even charge Edward for the examination, and the impertinent devil also ungratefully took his invaluable miracle ointment.

"Why me? Unless you give it to me when you're done, you'll get nothing out of me." There was no way in the world Edward would pay for Tom's research. Tom had made the first move to trick Edward, and so he had to be prepared to face the consequences.

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