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   Chapter 241 Indulging In Her Illusion (Part Two)

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The following day, an earthshaking news destroyed the peaceful morning of the Lin Group. Many construction companies teamed up and started refusing to use any construction materials provided by the Lin Group, stating that their goods didn't meet international standards. Everyone in the company was swamped that morning. Calls were made, and clients were met, and everyone tried to find out why their regular clients had suddenly blown them off overnight. Was someone messing with them? Who could that someone be? Although the Lin Group had some dirty business affairs under the table, they still couldn't recall of anyone that hated them this much to see them ruined.

When he heard the news, the chairman of the board had a heart attack, and was unconscious in the hospital at this point. All the business was down to Jessica now, the only daughter and sole successor of the entire Lin Group.

"Miss Lin, our stock prices will drop to their lowest if we don't find a way to fix this. The Group will be literally at the edge of total bankruptcy!" While he stood next to the desk, the special assistant stole a glance at Jessica and honestly reported what had happened to the company's assets during the early morning of the day. He knew that although Jessica looked sweet and innocent, she was actually a determined and driven woman. He had seen the way that she had dealt with troubles before, and he believed she must have some kind of idea on how to bring the company back to life.

After she heard his report, Jessica remained silent for a short moment, and then suddenly asked, "The FX International Group didn't reject our goods, did they?" 'Was Edward the culprit who was responsible for all of this? No, he couldn't be that cruel to do this to me... or could he?' Jessica was lost in her thoughts.

"No, they haven't yet, but our project with the FX Group hasn't started yet, because we are still discussing the amo

ands were slightly trembling. Tom had never seen him like this before, and they had been friends for ages. Edward had always been the fearless one. Now Tom suddenly felt like tricking him.

"So?" Edward abruptly sprung up from his bed and frantically fixed his eyes on Tom once he was told to sit up.

"Actually, things are now a little complicated." Tom pretended to frown as he looked at the piece of paper in his hands. He lowered his head because he feared that the look in his eyes would give him away. He intended to teach Edward a hard lesson about keeping his dick in his pants.

"What? Do you mean that Jessica's child can be mine?" Edward's face then grew even paler. No freaking way! Was this real? Was he just dreaming?

"Tom, are you sure about this?" asked Edward again, but now in an even more trembling voice. He felt a little dizzy, as if the whole world had melted right in front of him, and he had to hold onto the table to support himself. He had thought that he would not be able to make any woman pregnant after the surgery, and yet nothing was for sure. He had made his commitment to Daisy just the other night, but now it seemed that he was bound to be responsible for another woman and her baby. His life was even more dramatic than a reality show was.

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